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Spots Around The House For Your Next Profile Pic, As Seen On Celebs

No need to go out to take the perfect DP!
PHOTO: (left)instagram/imjanedeleon, (RIGHt) instagram/laurenreidabook

If you clicked on this, you’re probably dying to change your outdated profile pic. You’ve already looked through the stuff that’s on your camera roll and not a single DP-worthy pic. But what if I told you that you can take one right now, without going outside your house? 

Yep, there are tons of ways to take pretty pics inside your lovely abode. 

Here are a few celeb-approved pegs that you can try:

Wall corners are one of the most versatile DP-taking spots inside the house. Like Sue Ramirez, you can simply stand and take a pic...

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Or you can prop your hands on the wall a la Sarah Lahbati. 'Di ba, instant IG-worthy beauty shot!

Your rug can serve as a cute backdrop, too! Let Kiana Valenciano and Solenn Heussaff show you how.

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The ~*bukas na bintana aesthetic*~ will do wonders for your skin! Sit in front of your windows to let the light hit all the high points of your face. Take it from Jane de Leon.

Speaking of open windows, you can also try Sofia Andres dreamy parang bida sa music video lewk—just prop yourself near your curtains and look up!

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Take advantage of all the editing apps on your phone. Promise, no one will notice that your profile pic was snapped in front of your sofa if you edit it the right way. Doesn't Kathryn Bernardo look stunning here?

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Before heading to your weekend plans, sit on the stairs and take a pic of your chic OOTD just like Heart Evangelista.

Take note of Nadine Lustre’s version of the classic mirror selfie. By gazing at your ~*reflection*~, you’re adding more depth and drama to your photo. And since you can’t shoot a pic like this all by yourself, you can just force your sibling to do it for you!

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In the mood for an effortless shot? Ask your S/O for a kunwari candid pic while you’re lounging on the floor and watching TV. See how Maris Racal pulls it off.

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Want to document today’s bomb MOTD? Put your phone on self-timer, prop it on your makeup table, then smize at the camera! Nobody does this better than Loisa Andalio.

Profile pics should represent who you truly are. Case in point: If you’re a bookworm who loves reading on her bed, then you should replicate this ~*artsy*~ shot from Lauren Reid.

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Not everyone is a fan of fierce and seryoso pics. If you’re one of those people, spot this photo of Kyline Alcantara’s posing by her ref. 

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