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Instagram Is Testing An Update That Hides Your 'Likes' Per Post

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The way people use Instagram has changed drastically over the years. I still remember a time when getting 11 "Likes" was a ~big~ deal because then it changed from being a list of handles to the number "11." LOL! But now that people have found ways to monetize content on Insta, it's a different game, and every "Like" counts. 

It looks like Instagram isn't exactly here for it, though. A spokesperson told TechCrunch that they're testing an update in Canada that essentially hides the number of "Likes" per post, in an effort to focus more on self-expression than popularity: "We are testing this because we want your followers to focus on the photos and videos you share, not how many likes they get.

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Influencers and content creators need not worry, however, because Instagram isn't about to do you dirty like that. Apparently, they're also working on a strategy that'll help influencers connect with the brands they've partnered with—without sacrificing the value of their platform. 

During the Facebook conference that took place in April 2019, Instagram declared that they want to lead the fight against online bullying, which is why they're developing features that'll help people feel safer. This includes a new "Nudge" feature that'll alert someone when they're about to say something insulting; "Away Mode" is also in the works, which will allow people to take a break from the platform during stressful times. 

These new features shouldn't come as a shock. Instagram and Facebook have been vocal about wanting to create and preserve meaningful relationships. Facebook, for instance, has launched Facebook Dating. But instead of mindlessly swiping through people, the app is designed in a way that really encourages you to find a match with similar preferences and interests, without sacrificing anybody's privacy. The goal is to find people you have in common with—not just people who are in your existing circles.

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