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KC Concepcion On Loving Her Curves: 'I wouldn’t have it any other way'

PHOTO: Instagram/itskcconcepcion

KC Concepcion has become a victim of bashers who comment on her body shape. In an Instagram post, she revealed that during her hiatus, people would make her feel bad for not having a typical Asian slender silhouette. But, she did not let the negativity completely affect her. In the same post, KC declared that she has learned to embrace her curves—and that she wouldn't have it in any other way.

She wrote in her caption: "Making my Portuguese curves shine everyday... in case someone’s been living under a rock, curves are in, curves are NOW, curves are TIMELESS and having this ultra feminine shape?? I wouldn’t have it any other way! " 


She also encouraged others to embrace their curves and love their bodies. 

On that note, we also want you to know that you are gorgeous whatever size or body type you are in. It's true that loving your body doesn't happen overnight but doing little things like saying hi to the girl you see in the mirror is a good start. Remind yourself that your body is capable of doing many great things. You are more than the numbers you see on a measuring tape or weighing scale. 

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