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6 Ways To Achieve That Soft, Korean Aesthetic For Your Room

Feel like a K-drama lead every time you wake up!
Korean aesthetic tips for your room

Admit it: We're all suckers for Korean aesthetic. Aside from the cute outfits and stunning makeup looks, one thing we can't help but notice when watching our favorite K-dramas is the interior design of the female lead's room. The clean and soft aesthetic of their humble spaces is absolutely to die for! Some noteworthy pegs are the rooms of Seo Dal Mi (Start-Up), Secretary Kim Mi So (What's Wrong With Secretary Kim), and Do Bong Soon (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon).

Want to get that K-drama-inspired minimalist style for your own room? Here's how:

1. Paint your walls a light, neutral color for a maaliwalas look and feel.

If there’s one thing we've observed in K-drama bedrooms, it’s that their spaces are airy and free from clutter. The easiest way to achieve this is by painting your walls in white, light cream, or ivory since this guarantees a clean feel for any space. Another tip: A fresh coat of white paint is the cheapest way to give your room a makeover!


2. Go for low-seating furniture.

Opting for this kind of furniture creates a more cozy feeling because it gives the illusion of a more spacious room. You might be wondering: Would this make much of a difference? It definitely will, since low-seating pieces provide more vertical space!

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3. Choose light-colored furniture pieces to match your walls.

Since the minimalist aesthetic is the main peg in any K-drama-inspired room, opt for pieces that are in a similar shade to your walls. Doing this will make your space look more organized. Although, this doesn't mean that you should only buy white furniture. ICYDK, white comes in different shades, like eggshell, pearl white, and chantilly lace! Moreover, you can always resort to other colors that are in a similar range and palette—think beige and light brown, such as ecru. We also recommend light-colored wood pieces.

4. Add a pop of color with pastels.

A minimalist aesthetic doesn't mean you have to avoid colors at all costs. If you want to bring some ~*life*~ to your space, you can always pick pastels and other neutral shades. Try pastel pink sheets or add a teal ottoman for extra seating in your room. Plus, delicate hues *always* make anything 1000x cuter!


5. Show off your trinkets.

Another thing we noticed in the rooms of female K-drama leads is the little knick-knacks scattered (stylishly) all over the place. Put them on your shelves, above your dresser, or on your workspace—the possibilities are truly endless! And yes, this means that you can finally display that random trinket that you bought just because it was cute.


6. Soft ambient lighting is the key.

Some of us are blessed with big windows that allow natural light to illuminate the whole room. But for those who don't have them, a hack would be placing multiple soft light sources in different parts of your room. Try placing a standing lamp beside your bed, adding a desk lamp on your workspace, or hanging some fairy lights on your curtains. Doing this also keeps your room cozy at night!


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