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WATCH: This Pinay Has Been Living Her *Best Life* In A Van For Two Years

'Hindi mo kailangan ng maraming bagay to be happy.'
Pinay living life in a van
PHOTO: Instagram/Phoebekhins

Just like most Pinays, Phoebe Leonor has always dreamed of going on adventures and traveling to as many places as she can. Her dream *officially* became a reality when she decided to go for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle by living in a van. Read on below to know more about her story.  

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It all started when Phoebe inherited an old 1996 Kia Besta van from her mom.

Old 1996 Kia Besta van
Phoebe calls her 1996 Kia Besta van by the name "Choice." YOUTUBE/PHOEBEKHINS
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She remodeled it herself and even shared that the customization of making the van into a home cost her around P100,000 to P250,000. It took a lot of hard work, but after two years, she started living the #vanlife.  

Interior of a van, converted into a home
Here's a sneak peek of what's inside Phoebe's van. Instagram/Phoebekhins
Interior of a van, customized into a home
She has two sinks! One acts as a functioning sink with a pump faucet while the other was converted into a burner. Instagram/Phoebekhins
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Interior of a van, customized into a home
What a perfect spot for a siesta. Instagram/Phoebekhins

According to Phoebe, she has saved around 70 percent from her usual expenses since she started living the van life. "One thing I learned for sure when building and living in this van is natuto akong magtipid. We can heat our own water and then make our own coffee. And we can also make our own food."

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Van life, table with food, outside van
Van cookout! Instagram/Phoebekhins 
Van life, interior
Time for some Netflix and chill. Instagram/Phoebekhins
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Pinay watching sunset, van life
Phoebe's van life has taken her to places such as Biak na Bato, Verdivia Falls in Bulacan, and Liwliwa and Linasin Trapsi in Zambales. Instagram/Phoebekhins

Word of advice from Phoebe: Van life isn't for everyone. "It's not always pretty and not always easy. It can be uncomfortable at times. But if you're willing to trade a little comfortability for this kind of lifestyle, I think it's all worth it."

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Would you consider living in a van? Know more about Phoebe's van life by watching the video below.


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