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Rain Matienzo Is Spreading Positivity Online And IRL, And We're Here For It

'You just have to come to your work with purpose.'
Rain Matienzo Cosmopolitan Women Of Influence, POND's Glowing Bestie awardee
PHOTO: Jean De Luna

Actress-content creator Rain Matienzo is a ray of ~*sunshine*~. The Cosmo Women of Influence 2023 Awardee is a source of positivity to everyone around her. ICYDK, the 23-year-old rose to fame as the "Conyo Girl" on TikTok. She lit up our screens with her hilarious POVs and skits. Initially, she started making videos to simply entertain herself, especially during the pandemic. 

"I feel like the beauty and the secret to content creation and being good at it is to, first and foremost, entertain yourself, because that sparks joy. And that will help you churn out a lot of content if you enjoy what you're posting," she told 

Now, Rain uses her platform as a content creator and an artista to not only entertain, but also influence and empower people with her individuality.

Rain previously played the role of Salome (the love interest of Elias) in Maria Clara at Ibarra, which earned her well-deserved praise from netizens. "Being a morena, I don't see a lot of people who look like me in the industry," she shared. "[Playing Salome made me realize] Oo nga no, why can't I be just normal-looking on the screen? Salome was such a beautiful person but so simple."


As a co-worker, Rain is a mood maker. "It's actually a little hard for me because I'm an introvert," she revealed. "But coming into the set, I always think that there are people who are working harder than me and who have worked longer hours than me." 

She loves cracking jokes and making the mood lighter, especially when filming a drama. "As much as possible, I try to be that light person that they get to work with so I come into the set prepared. More than just being an active, youthful, energetic energy at work, I want to be an easy person to work with as well; so when I step on the step, as much as possible, I'm ready to work so that the work day is easier for them. Something as simple as that can brighten their day."

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During Cosmopolitan Philippines' Women of Influence 2023 recognition dinner, the Gen Z star shared a beautiful piece of advice to her young audience: "I don't do things to get recognized and I feel like that is a value that I hope [the younger generation would] always think about. You just have to come to your work with purpose, and be your most unapologetic self."

rain matienzo
Jean De Luna

Rain was awarded as POND's Glowing Bestie for her "enthusiastic spirit and kindness [that] radiates light and positivity to everyone around her. She is unstoppableachieving her goals and dreams as she lives on her own termsunapologetically embracing every moment with a smile."

Rain Matienzo with POND’s Brand Team: Sam Co (Left),  Isab Galang (Right), and Annika Lee (Far Right)
Rain Matienzo with POND’s Brand Team: Sam Co (Left), Isab Galang (Right), and Annika Lee (Far Right) Jean de Luna

Who is that positive influence in *your* life, Cosmo Girls?


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