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Thank Us Later: Chic Rattan Mirrors That Deserve A Spot In Your Bedroom

And each one costs P1,500.
Side by side photos of rattan mirrors

Mirrors are having a moment right now. More than an item you use for quick checks and touch-ups, mirrors actually contribute so much to the vibe of your personal space. First, frameless mirrors started popping up all over Instagram. Then, more ~aesthetic~ versions entered the picture. People also started wanting full-length mirrors to capture their at-home #OOTDs. And squiggle mirrors were all like, hi, hello, we're here. 


But these days, we've got our eyes on rattan mirrors. They've been around for a while, but we think they deserve waaay more attention. And if you're equally obsessed with that woven look, we suggest checking out Tropicale's mirrors. They're chic, but more importantly, they're affordable! On their website, they have seven designs available: Eye, Daisy, Gerbera, Star, Nest, Cat Ears, and Bear Ears. Each one priced at P1,500

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Tropicale's rattan mirrors: Eye
Check our Tropicale's rattan Eye mirror. INSTAGRAM/tropicaleph
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Tropicale's rattan mirrors: flower design
Tropicale has a lot of their flower designs in their rattan mirror collection. INSTAGRAM/tropicaleph
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Tropicale's rattan mirrors: displayed in a bedroom
For some inspiration, here's a rattan mirror displayed in a bedroom. INSTAGRAM/tropicaleph

A wall of Tropicale's rattan mirrors
More flower designs from Tropicale's rattan mirror collection! INSTAGRAM/tropicaleph
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For more information (and more rattan items to love), you can visit Tropicale's Instagram account and website


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