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Space Makeover: How To Give Your Room A Fresh Start In 2021

Here are some useful tips from local interior designers.
modern room, home makeover tips for 2021

So you bought a plant (or 12). Or maybe you now have four mirrors—one for every corner of your bedroom. Perhaps you got excited and felt like you just *needed* those basket organizers, but you're not sure how to use them all. 

There's also a chance that you, like me, didn't do much to your personal space this year. And now you're in the mood to welcome a new year with a fresh start. 

home makeover tips for 2021
PEXELS/Ksenia Chernaya

But how do you begin?

We asked our friends from Tanaw Studio—interior designers Chelsea MagbanuaElla CastañedaArvel Alvarez, and their marketing head, Arvin Alvarez—for useful tips if you're set on giving your home a makeover in 2021. 

  1. Pick a color palette. Changing the colors of your room is an easy way to refresh your space; it'll also give it a more cohesive, put-together look. Can't decide on the colors? "Try checking your wardrobe to find out which colors you tend to favor and see what works well with this color. Don't be afraid to mix and match color options so you can come up with a dynamic scheme."
  2. Start with the space that you spend most of your time in. This will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. "It can even be just a nook or corner in your house, it doesn't have to be an entire room immediately. This will give you some practice and help you get the hang of mixing and matching, and identifying what you like and what you really don't."
  3. You don't need a big budget. While decorating is an investment, your budget doesn't have to be over the top. "The secret is in prioritizing what you really want or need so you can consider what's realistically possible with your budget. You can mix bigger ticket items with more affordable pieces to create the look that you want. We suggest splurging on items that you know you'll use often or you'll want to keep for years."
  4. Don't feel pressured by the trends. "Define your own style instead. Trends come and go but your personal style is something that will always be a part of you. If you're not sure what your personal style is, you can try thinking about your favorite stores or spaces you love and what you can take away from those places and apply these to your own."
  5. Ask for help. "Consult an interior designer if you can because sometimes you end up spending more than what you actually need to, and designers can help maximize the things you already have."
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