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I'm Taking Down Notes From This Vlogger's #Aesthetic Small Room Tour

It's the little things!
Korean aesthetic room ideas
PHOTO: Instagram/dear.jerry

My room is small, and I've got lots of stuff. I think I might have a shopping problem because I still buy clothes despite staying in since March 2020. Anyway, my bursting closet is not the focus of today. I did some organizing, and I realized I wanted to make some changes in my space. I wanted it to look #aesthetic.

As I was looking for inspo online, I stumbled upon Dear Jerry's latest room tour, and I love everything about it. She lives in a small room and loves shopping, aka she also had some storage and space limitations like me! The most important part: Her room was a major representation of the word AESTHETIC. I took down notes so I could do a home makeover. Check out the tips I learned below:

How to get the Korean aesthetic room design in a small space

Go for colorful sheets.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Go for pastel sheets.
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Warm lighting adds mood to a room. Bonus points if it comes from a pretty lamp.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Choose warm lighting

Add a rug! 

Korean aesthetic room tip: Add a rug
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Korean aesthetic room tip: Add a beautiful rug

Storage is important. Choose white furniture to make the room look bright and spacious.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Choose white storage furniture
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Korean aesthetic room tip: Storage is important!

Korean aesthetic room tip: Hide your small items in cabinets
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Place plants and flowers in your room to add life to your space.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Place flowers in your room

Korean aesthetic room tip: Place plants in your room.
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Try small room accents in your favorite color.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Try colorful room small accent decor.

Use your pretty perfumes and jewelry as room decor.

Korean aesthetic room tip: Use perfume and jewelry as decor
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Watch the video below to see her room tour:

Dear Jerry Room Tour

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