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5 South Korean YouTubers Who Vlog About Their Lives In The Philippines

Yup, they can all speak in Filipino!
korean vloggers in the philippines

You know it already: We have a ~daily habit~ of watching South Korean YouTubers who show us their day-in-the-life in SoKor. We can't pinpoint what it exactly is, but there’s something about their vlogs that we are totally *obsessed* with, that we almost always end up watching until late at night...and early morning, lol. But aside from them, we’ve also discovered our new favorites who make us really, really proud: South Korean YouTubers who share their experiences of living here in the Philippines!


From trips to Palawan, cutting their own bangs at home, and trying out internet challenges, you’ll be 100% entertained with these vloggers. They’re hilarious and creative AF, and they can speak Filipino really well! They even use slang words like char, lol!

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Here are five of the best South Korean YouTubers who give us a glimpse of their lives in the Philippines: 

1. JinHo Bae

This YouTuber never fails to make us LOL! JinHo Bae, who just reached 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, is that one friend you can be makulit with—complete with all the slapping while laughing. A quick look at his vlogs and you will see him trying out new restos, introducing us to his family and friends, interviewing celebrities, and just being his quirky, adorable self on cam. When he’s not making us laugh, Jinho is busy making us swoon with his soulful voice. Listen to his rendition of “Muli”, and watch as you get goosebumps and say to yourself, “Gosh, what a ~bae~!”

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YouTube/JinHo Bae

2. Dasuri Choi

Hello, mga chingu! You have probably seen this dancing queen in a noontime show, if not in a local K-pop event: Dasuri Choi bagged the second runner-up award in Eat Bulaga’s "You’re My Foreignay" segment in 2014. She has been dancing her heart out since she lived in South Korea, and continues to do so in the Philippines. In her YouTube channel, she teaches us how to cook, shares her knowledge about our country, and *tries* to trim her own bangs, just like what we have all *attempted* to do. And did we mention that she used to work with the Wonder Girls, 4 Minute, and Brown Eyed Girls? Dasuri’s also friends with Super Junior’s Shindong, and their “2YAO!2YAO!” dance collab is a must-see!

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3. Jimmy Kim

Jimmy Kim may not have his own YouTube channel but he often appears in his wife’s vlogs! Back in 2014, he and Kring Kim aka the  “Krimmy Couple” won the grand prize in ABS-CBN’s I Do, where they got to have both a traditional Philippine and Korean wedding. Kring and Jimmy’s vlogs show us what it’s like to live as a couple with different nationalities, and recommend the best K-dramas (we super agree with their preferences!). Our favorite? Their *super* funny and nakakagutom mukbang videos. See for yourself:

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YouTube/Kring Kim

4. Indigo Yoori

Indigo Yoori’s YouTube channel description reads: “I’m gonna share some of my thoughts about other countries and love for the Philippines”, and boy does she love PH! Born Yoori Seo, her vlog screams Pinoy pride with a reaction video to Filipino actors, and a sit-down vlog about the reasons why she’s so fond of our country. Her number one reason? Filipinos are “so kind”. Awwww!

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YouTube/Indigo Yoori

5. Kristypata

Here’s a Korean girl with a Filipino heart: Kristy Cho aka Kristypata currently lives in the Philippines and has been sharing vlogs with topics like her life in the province, her online shopping haul, and even a crazy game of Pinoy Henyo with her sister. What fascinated us the most is her series of vlogs about South Korea and the Philippines, where she even recognized the Filipino soldiers for their sacrifice during the Korean War. Thank you, Kristy!

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Erratum: The original version of the article included YouTuber Sylvia Kim, who actually does not reside in the Philippines. She has also said in a vlog that she has not been to the Philippines as well. Cosmopolitan Philippines would like to apologize for this oversight.


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