Sweet Resolutions: Allow Yourself These 4 Self-Treats This Year

Sustain your start-of-the-year rush by spoiling yourself just a little bit more.

Yes, the holidays are over, and work has begun. Again. If you still can't let go of your holiday mood and can't seem to get back into the groove, treat yourself to these simple indulgences (and then promise yourself to perform better next week and for the rest of 2010):

1. A Yummy Dessert

Sweeten things up with an easy DIY dessert treat. Smear marshmallow fluff on graham crackers and top with a chunk of chocolate, then microwave on high for 20 seconds, and eat them with your man. An added bonus: You'll enjoy licking each other's fingers clean.

2. One Last Freedom Ride

Take your bike out for a refreshing spin before it gets too hot to pedal around. No bike? Take a leisurely stroll to a friend's house or relive lazy summer days and buy ice cream at a nearby store.

3. A New Salon Treatment

Grab your girlfriends, head to your trusted salon, and pamper yourself with a treatment you've been dying to try--and didn't get to over the break because of all those family reunions. Whether it's a foot spa, perm, or a Brazilian wax, you're guaranteed to love the excitement that comes with trying something new.

4. Savoring The Crisp Breeze
After your A.M. alarm beeps, crack your window open and hop back in bed for a five-minute guilt-free snooze. Burrow under your sheets naked as the cool breeze blows in through the window.

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