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Here Are Things You Shouldn't Do In Other Countries


Every country we visit has its own set of laws and cultural practices we may not be familiar with. Although most fundamental laws are the same, there are some things you commonly do back home that can be seen as rude, offensive, or even against the law abroad.

1. When in Japan: Do not tip anyone.
Tipping has never been a part of their culture. Chances are if you do leave a tip, they will chase after you thinking you left your change by mistake.

2. When in Germany: Do not greet anyone an early happy birthday.
There is a superstition that if you do greet someone before his or her birthday, something bad might happen to him or her.

3. When in India: Do not make physical contact with the opposite sex.
It's not illegal, but it's frowned upon when members of the opposite sex have physical contact, especially handshakes or hugs, so it’s better not to.


4. When in France: Do not talk about money.
Money talk is considered rude. You can talk about it in general terms, but talking about specifics is a no-no. 

5. When in Singapore: Do not spit in public.
You'll get fined for spitting, urinating, and smoking in public if you get caught.

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