10 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Seoul You Need To Visit

Three of them are by your favorite Korean brands!
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When in Seoul, South Korea, make sure to hit up the countless cafes the city has to offer. Not only are these places calming and cozy—aka the perfect pit stop between shopping and sightseeing—they're also known to be super photogenic. Here are 10 to add to your itinerary:


Located in hip Hannam-dong, this cafe is a go-to among the stylish. The cafe's exterior is minimal, with white walls, red striped seating, and pink chairs; while the interior is decorated with delicate greenery, marble tables, and black furniture with flecks of gold. The sign outside is a favorite backdrop for OOTDsa line often forms just for it! And if you need more reasons to visit, go for their baristas, because they're all super cute!

How to get there: Hangangjin Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 3

On Ne Sait Jamais

On ne sait jamais means "you never know" in French, and this cafe certainly lives up to its name because we're not quite sure what the theme is. While the counter and dessert display look like your typical cafe, the unpainted cement walls are plastered with hipster fashion photos, and the communal rectangular sitting area looks like an empty pool (or those bathhouses where you get fish pedicures). Sounds weird but it works!

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How to get there: Hangangjin Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 3


This cafe is straight out of The Secret Garden (the book, not the K-Drama), with all sorts of plants and flowers growing just about everywhere. The two oppas who run the cafe use ingredients straight from their garden, so they're guaranteed to be fresh! It is also a flower shop and transforms to a wine bar in the evening. It's pet-friendly, too, so it's not surprising to see a furry friend sitting next to you.

How to get there: Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 3

Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

What's a hotel without a swimming pool? Even if it's a fake one, Stylenanda's Pink Hotel has a swimming pool-style café that's super IG-worthy. With pink and blue tiles and red beach umbrellas, the first floor of the cafe is a colorful treat. But take it from us and head up to the rooftop, where you can lounge and enjoy your drinks while lounging in giant pillows under fringe umbrellas. For a perfect photo, make sure to order their coffee with a cotton candy cloud.

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How to get there: Euljiro 1(il)-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 5

Skinfood Cafe

Situated along the posh shopping street of Apgujeong, Skinfood Cafe is the perfect hideaway after a day of beauty shopping. If you spot the vintage white and yellow caravan permanently parked outside, you're in the right place. The interior makes us feel like we just stepped into a cozy house on a summer day, regardless of the weather outside.

How to get there: Sinsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 8

Doré Doré

This cafe is as colorful as their Feel Good! rainbow cake, and we totally love it! Though it's more of a dessert place than a cafe, we felt the need to include this on the list because it's fit for a Cosmo girl (or Malibu Barbie!).  Each room has monochromatic interiors in various colors (think pink or purple), kaleidoscopic cellophane windows, and transparent chairs. 

How to get there: Sinsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 8

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Line Friends Café

Line Friends currently has two cafes in Seoul, one in Itaewon and one in Garosugil; both sit on top of the brands' concept stores. Upon entering, you will be greeted by the cutest doorman, Brown the Bear, who himself should have a spot on your Instagram feed. Once you get past that, make your way up the cafe, order food with the Line Friends gang, and enjoy exploring the place.

How to get there: Itaewon branch - Itaewon Station (Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 2; Garosugil branch – Sinsa Station (Seoul Subway Line 3), Exit 8

Dinga Cake House

With a super cute 1950s-style exterior, Dinga Cake House reminds us of the Polly Pocket houses we used to love as kids. Play pretend with their dollhouse-like kitchen decoration and indulge in their sweet treats that look like they're made out of Play-Doh. This place is also famous for producing custom-made birthday cakes, so if you're lucky, you might be able to have one done!

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How to get there: Hapjeong Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 2

Cloud in Sky Dog Cafe

Fair warning: The cafe itself is not IG-worthy, but its residents are! It houses about 10 dogs, including a Corgi, two Siberian Huskies, and a Sheepdog. Don't let their size scare youthese dogs are all friendly and will never reject a good belly rub. Every visit to this place will be interesting with these playful canines around. The cafe owner also documents every precious moment on his Instagram account, which you can grab for your own feed.

How to get there: Hongik University Station (Seoul Subway Line 2), Exit 6

Proust Tea

If your Instagram feed is more minimalist and you prefer a quieter place to take a breather, then head to Proust Tea, a scent shop and teahouse located in a refurbished hanok (Korean traditional house). Take a sip of their milk tea in a chic bottle and nibble on a Madeleine, while you unwind in this ultra chill place. 

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How to get there: Jongno 3(sam)-ga Station (Seoul Subway Line 5), Exit 4

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