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Eeep! Tandang Sora Flyover & Intersection Now Closed, Expect DAILY Carmageddon

Now, what? Northern girls, we feel your pain.
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Are you ready for the daily Commonwealth Carmageddon? The Tandang Sora flyover and Tandang Sora–Commonwealth Intersection were officially closed last night to give way to the construction of the new MRT-7 line.

The MMDA initially planned to close the Tandang Sora flyover on February 23, but City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte appealed for it to be delayed to March 2 to give the local government more time to plan. It also gave time to the affected communters to ready for the looming traffic sitch. After all, that move involved a lot of cascading, rerouting strategies, additional deployment of manpower, and not to mention emotional/mental/physical/strategic prep for the commuters who regularly ply through this main thoroughfare. Last night, though, the closure finally happened. Waaah!

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In case you’re still in denial (like we are), here’s a rundown of what will be affected: the intersection that cuts from Tandang Sora to Commonwealth Avenue; the two innermost lanes on the eastbound and westbound portions of this particular stretch on Commonwealth Avenue; the Tandang Sora flyover itself; the estimated 100,000 motorists who traverse this road daily, and the lives of thousands upon thousands of commuters who brave this route to work/school/play/live. Apparently, they’re keeping the pedestrian walkways open so that commuters can still walk across this area to the transportation depots. So, ready your kicks for the extra walkathon. 

CNN Philippines reports that the MMDA is expecting two major bottlenecks: Luzon Avenue and Congressional Avenue extension. To say those spots weren’t already bottlenecks to begin with is putting it mildy, so maybe multiply the volume and density tenfold. 

To ease the situation, a couple more U-turn slots were opened along Commonwealth, and there may be elevated U-turns constructed in the next couple of months as well. But, do expect to add extra minutes (or hours) to your regular drive or commute, especially tomorrow, since people will still be adjusting to the new scheme. Plan your commute and your what-to-do-in-traffic activities accordingly. Or, round up carpool mates, so you can share this ordeal together. 

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Note that these roads will remain closed until 2020. Sigh. BRB, we’re just gonna go ugly-cry in a corner now (disclaimer: a number of us are Northern lasses ourselves).

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