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3 Gestures Guaranteed To Make You A Better Girlfriend

Everyone wants to be adored, but chances are, your man won't ask for it. Allow us to clue you in on the things he secretly wishes you would do for him.

1. Be Happy To See Him

"Something as simple as waving when he pulls into the driveway sends a powerful message," says M. P. Wylie, PhD, director of the Relationship Research Foundation.

2. Cheer Him On At A Key Time

"Give him a supportive phone call or text before a trip, big meeting, or doctor's appointment," says Morley Glicken, PhD, author of Ending the Sex Wars. He just needs a little lambing.

3. Celebrate Faux-Versaries

He'll totally dig quirky milestones (like the first time you cooked for him). Go on a low-key celebratory date, says Glicken, so he doesn't panic that he has to buy you a gift.

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