3 Hot Sex Positions Just Got Hotter

They say you get what you give. But why not get what you give at the same time via Cosmo's new and improved versions of 69?

We’re not going to pretend that 69 is easy. “It requires some skill and coordination,” says clinical sexologist Natasha Valdez, author of Vitamin O. “That said, it’s also a wild move, so when you break it out, it gives both parties an erotic rush.” We saw that erotic rush and raised it with these trumped-up variations of classic girl-on-top 69. Trust us, they’re worth the effort.

Bliss On The Side
In this position, you are both stimulating each other’s hot spots while lying on your sides (to grant him full access to your girl parts, toss your thigh over his shoulder). It’s sexy and intimate plus a great option if you’re feeling a little lazy or want to go at it for a long time. “Because you’re both lying down and neither of you is tasked with supporting your weight or your partner’s weight, you can relax and enjoy yourselves,” says Valdez.

Man Up
While girl-on-top 69 has its advantages—you get to be the one in control—this twist is a hot way to change it up and give your man a few new thrills. It’s a very gratifying spot for him to be in—he has you pinned down and is also in charge of the depth and the pace. But this does not mean he gets a free pass to jackhammer your face. “Let him know he has to be careful of thrusting too hard or too deep, which could choke or hurt you. Then agree on a safety signal—like pinching his thigh—if he’s getting too into it,” suggests Valdez.

Too Naughty To Name
If you and your guy are feeling adventurous, here’s a challenge: Have him sit on the couch, his legs stretched out and slightly parted, knees bent, and feet resting on a hard surface, like a coffee table. Stand behind the couch and, leaning over, place your elbows on either side of his hips as you lower your head between his thighs. With the majority of your weight supported by your elbows, place your knees on the back of the couch, so you’re straddling his face. Yeah, it’s acrobatic, but that’s half the fun. “Every time you do something crazy like this, it creates sexy new memories and bonds the two of you,” says Valdez. “It also puts you in a position of power—he’s probably never done this before, and you have the honor of being the one to introduce it to him.” 

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