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3 Non-Mushy Ways To Surprise Your Man

Flowers make you melt, but when it comes to dudes, the right romantic gesture has to be a little less lovey-dovey. These guy surprises are spot-on.

Don't we just love it when our boys do thoughtful little things to surprise us? Well, they love it, too--it's just that a man's definition of "thoughtful" isn't exactly roses at the office or teddy bears after a fight. You can do him practical favors. Pay attention to his hobbies and interests. He's sure to appreciate something small but useful over something grand but guy-inappropriate.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Treat Him To A Back Scratching. Unlike women, guys have thick skin that craves a rough touch, which is why your man will love feeling your nails grazing up and down his back and shoulders. "It's a way to show affection without being sentimental or touchy-feely," says Kimberly Dawn Neumann, co-author of The Real Reasons Men Commit.

Stock His Fridge. Leave a couple of six-packs of beer in it just before a big game comes on TV, or load the freezer with chips and snacks that he always looks around for between meals. Appealing to his appetite "says that you want to take care of him, but it's not overbearing," explains Susan Heitler, PhD, clinical psychologist in Colorado.

Score Him Tickets. Surprising him with a chance to see his favorite team will make him as happy as you would be if he wrote you a love letter. Tell him you'll be going with him—just kidding! Let him give the other ticket to a friend and he'll think you're the coolest girl ever, suggests Neumann.

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