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3 Signs You're Not The Only One He's Dating

Before you declare that you're "exclusively" dating that new guy, are you really sure he's not seeing someone else? Here's how you can tell.

Sometimes, it's tough to tell if a guy is seeing only you. Maybe you haven't had the "exclusivity" talk yet, or maybe you have, but for some reason you're still not that sure. The point is, you want to know before you find out the hard way. Here's how you know he's playing the field:

1. He always stays at your place. A dude who is falling for you will want to welcome you into his personal space. So, if he habitually insists on going back to your pad, it's likely that he isn't ready to get more serious. Plus, he may not want you to witness any evidence of other women at his house—for example, a pair of earrings that were left behind.

2. His kissing style changes. When you lock lips with a guy, you unconsciously match your make-out technique with his. If your kissing groove with your boy suddenly feels a bit off, it may be because he's recently been with another girl.

3. He waits forever to call. A sure clue that you are one of many: He always asks at the last minute if you want to hang out. The fact is, if he is into you—and only you—he will want to make sure he has dibs on your weekend before some other lucky guy does.

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