3 Ways To Get Him To Spend More Time With You

Don't bottle up that "taken for granted" feeling for too long! Get back on top of his priority list with these tips.

1. Put Him In Charge

“The quickest way to get a guy invested in something—including you—is to put him in the driver’s seat,” says New Jersey psychologist Patricia Farrell, PhD. So have him pick the restaurant, plan a getaway, or take control of your lazy Sunday activity.

2. Be Too Busy

Rather than work around his schedule, making it easy for him to spend time with you, be a little less flexible. “It sounds counterintuitive, but if you’re always the one pursuing time together, he won’t ever have to put you first because you’re doing that work for him,” says Farrell.

3. Pipe Up

“Sometimes men just don’t get it, and a simple reminder may be all it takes to turn his head in the right direction,” says Myron Lewis, author of Making Right Turns in Your Relationship. So tell him you miss him and would love for him to take you out.

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