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4 Guy Behaviors You Shouldn't Sweat

There are some things that are just not worth giving your man (and yourself!) a hard time about.

No matter how many times we tell you that our guys' nights-out are (mostly) innocent or explain that we just don't feel like talking some nights, you still freak out. Trust us, the following things aren't worth all that energy.

1. When He Chooses His Friends Over You

We try to be classier versions of ourselves around you, like saying "excuse me" when we belch. It's only when we're with the guys that we can finally let loose, whether we're screaming at the TV watching Pacman slug it out in the boxing ring or letting ketchup run down our chins. Still, that doesn't mean we like our friends better than you or we’re out there reliving our bachelor days.

Says Patrick, 30, freelance artist: "I'm dating a girl who gets upset because I hang out with a lot of single guys. I can't control whether they choose to have girlfriends or not. It annoys me that, although I always behave, I'm deemed guilty by association."

2. His "I'm Fine" Response

We know those two little words don't adequately communicate our full range of emotions, but sometimes we simply don't want to powwow. "After I get home from work, I need to relax and focus on something, anything, besides my job," says Alan, 28, marketing associate. "I know my girlfriend likes to hear about my day, but if it was crappy, then I don't want to talk about it!" No, we're not hiding something. We just don't like to dwell. We'll open up when we're ready, so for now, let it go.

3. When He Says No To Sex

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Nine times out of 10, there's nothing we'd rather do than have sex with you. But after a particularly exhausting day, sleep has more immediate appeal. Nat, 25, sales manager, swears it's not personal when he turns his girlfriend down. "The other night, she climbed on top of me, but I had a lot on my mind, so I couldn't get into it," he says. "I asked for a rain check, and she got really hurt, even though I told her how much I love having sex with her. It made me feel even worse!" Unless his no-nooky policy is a regular thing, cut him some slack.

4. His Shy Streak

Some guys are more talkative than others, but even the chattiest men may clam up when they're around a group of your friends. Why? Because they don't have anything to say. Take it from Simon, 23, illustrator: "At a birthday dinner for my girl's roommate, all they talked about were TV shows I don't watch and people I don't know. I enjoyed listening, but I had nothing to contribute. My girlfriend kept asking if I was having fun, and I wanted to say, 'Stop bugging me.'"

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