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4 Signs He's Ready To Commit

Not sure whether the dude you're dating is prepared to bump things up to the next level? Watch for these behavior indicators.

1. He mixes up your time together. On official dates, a guy tends to be on his best behavior...and that's hard to sustain. If he's interested in merging you into his life, he'll include you in a whole range of activities (e.g., he'll ask you to meet his friends, watch the game, or see a movie) at different times of the day and week.

2. He says the word dating. It sounds petty, but commitmentphobes only use terms like hang out and get together. A dude who can say "We're dating" without breaking out in a cold sweat is showing that he's ready for the responsibility of a real relationship.

3. He hides things from first. All guys have problems, but a man who unloads them on date one might be trying to scare you off or make an advance excuse for being a jerk later on. It's more of a natural progression to reveal issues as you earn one another's trust.

4. He casually tells you about his ex.
Sure, if he seems obsessed with her or still mad, there's a good chance you're about to be dragged into their unfinished drama. But mentioning her matter-of-factly shows he has moved on.

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