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4 Signs That Your Chemistry Will Last

Wondering whether the hot physical connection you have with your man will sizzle...or fizzle? Watch for these indicators.

1. You tell him your turn-ons. It can be hard to share your deepest desires, but if you slowly open up about your lusty wants--as you trust your guy more and vice versa--the quality of your connections will only get better.

2. You're not ruled by routine. All couples have to juggle two busy schedules. If you only hook up when you're both free and relaxed, your sack sessions will get further apart once your relationship continues. A long-term sex life requires prioritizing sex and being fearless about getting it on at surprising times.

3. Foreplay lasts all day. Couples with unflagging libidos keep the heat on 24/7--email flirting during the day, for instance, or playfully stroking each other while watching TV.

4. You take turns seducing each other. Of course, he should work hard to win you over, but making him always take the lead  in bed will burn him out. Sharing the responsibility for initiating intimacy is the healthiest--and most lasting--way to go.

Sources: Allen Berger, PhD, author of Love Secrets Revealed; psychotherapist Mabel Iam, author of Sex and The Perfect Lover

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