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4 Signs You And Your New Guy Have Great Sexual Chemistry

Ready to take it to the next level with that guy you've been dating? Here's how to tell if you're actually compatible in bed!

1. Your voice changes.

Talking in a deeper tone around him is a subconscious sign that he turns you on; on the other hand, if your voice gets higher than usual, you're feeling intimate. Both hint at a promising physical pairing.

2. You don't censor yourself.

If you can tell him almost anything, even embarrassing stories, you'll likely be uninhibited about carnal communication, too (which is key to good sex). But, if you're reserved around him, that'll probably get more pronounced once you're naked.

3. You make deep eye contact.

Locking eyes during even lighthearted conversation proves that you're connecting in an intense, personal way.

4. He gives good touch.

Casually caressing you in a repetitive, soothing way echoes in-bed motions like stroking. But, if his touches are coarse or clingy, the same may be true in the sack.

Source: Couples therapist Wade Luquet, PhD, Associate Professor of Sociology at Gwynedd-Mercy College; Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: Understanding Body Language

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