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4 Steps To Get Over A Guy Who's Not Into You

Stop pining for a man who doesn't feel the same way. Not only is it painful, it keeps you from finding the one who does.
1. Call once. If you feel you've been slighted, resolve your uncertainty by simply making a quick call after a few days, advises Bob Berkowitz, co-author of What Men Won't Tell You But Women Need to Know. If he's no longer interested, it should come through loud and clear. No harm done.

2. Speak up. "I should have brought up our relationship," says Mica, a book editor who had been seeing Jake, a business executive. Even while they were meeting up and getting together in different Asian countries, there was absolutely no talk about the kind of relationship they were having. "I didn't want to appear O.A. or uncool," she says about why she didn't ask him about it. Make sure you ask your guy about your relationship at some point.

3. Nip it in the bud. Accept that he's not interested in you. Yes, it will sting—but it will be brief. That's better than the endless, agonizing torture you'll be experiencing in an unpromising relationship.

4. Move on. Have other activities that don't depend on a man, says Abby Hirsch, co-author of What Men Don't Tell Women. Channel your energies into ego-boosting to-dos like working out, taking up a sport, or simply catching up with old friends. This way, you not only free yourself from emotional stress and improve yourself in the process, you increase your chances of meeting a guy who's truly into you.
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