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4 Things To Look Out For On The Second Date

So, the two of you hit it off the first time and made it to date two. Here's what you can learn about him, to see if he's worth dating again.

1. His Maturity Level

Did he plan ahead and make a reservation, or is it all spur-of-the-moment? Though both can be fun, a man should be thinking in advance at this stage. A "whatever you want" attitude is well-meaning, but hints at dating immaturity, indecisiveness, or worse, laziness.

2. If He's A Good Dresser

Most men have a go-to first date outfit (perhaps picked out by a girl pal). By date two, you're getting a glance at his true style...or lack of it!

3. How Generous He Is

If he insists on picking up the check again, it shows both good manners and a willingness to invest in your potential bond.

4. Whether Or Not He Digs You

No guy will remember every little detail of your first conversation, but if he doesn't bring up anything that you talked about or doesn't remember the inside jokes, he may not be all that interested in pursuing you.

Sources: Denise Budden-Potts, PhD, psychologist and dating coach in San Marcos, California; dating coach Liz H. Kelly, author of Smart Man Hunting

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