4 Ways To Keep Things Romantic When You're Living In With Your Guy

Pick up these tips to keep your love-nest harmonious and LQ-free.

Cohabiting has its perks, like frequent opportunities for sex and someone to read the Sunday paper with. But harmonizing decorating tastes and maintaining a sense of mystery can be a challenge. Michael Payne, interior designer and host of Designing for the Sexes, offers these tips for sharing a happy home.

  1. Compromise on color. Men veer toward taupe and beige, while women tend to like stronger hues, such as red or deep gold. To create a compatible home, especially in the bedroom, where you’re most intimate, try colors both sexes agree on, such as chocolate brown or silver blue.

  2. Banish TV from the bedroom. Television is a major intimacy killer. Watch your favorite shows and DVDs in another room, and use the boudoir for three things: sleep, snuggling, and sex. 

  3. Install dimmers. Low lighting may seem like a cheesy cliche, but it can really set a mood, making your living room feel cozy and giving your bedroom a sexy vibe. 

  4. Create your own space. Even though you’re sharing a pad, you each need a separate area to serve as a quiet escape. It might be just a chair and table in a corner, a desk, or if you’re lucky, a spare room.
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