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6 Man-Hobbies Women Need To Understand

It's a guy thing.

1. Videogames

Yes, he spends so much money on it and for it, but there’s no reason to get jealous. It’s just a machine! And if you can play Candy Crush and Diner Dash all day on your smartphones, don’t vindicate your man for plugging into his console for some virtual entertainment. When he’d rather diddle his new PS4’s controller than spooning in bed, just sate your annoyance by succumbing to the fact that he isn’t out diddling some other woman’s lady-parts.

Get into it: Induct yourself into the world of videogames by immersing yourself in a tried-and-tested life simulator like The Sims. Building your own home, decorating it, and starting a family can be fun (and quite addictive). Plus, it can be a hint to your partner for things to expect in reality.

2. Watching Anime

So miniskirt-clad animated chicks with enormous bazoombas and insanely cartoon-y eyes are not appealing to the fairer sex, but that’s not all that Japanese anime is all about. There are tales of violent survival (watch: Attack on Titan), epic-scaled space operas (watch: Neon Genesis Evangelion), and even dystopic sci-fi futures (watch: Ghost in the Shell)–okay, so maybe this isn’t helping the case.

Get into it: Wean yourself into the Otaku way of life by screening more fantastical yet female-friendly anime movies, courtesy of anime giant Studio Ghibli. Directed by the iconic Hayao Miyazaki, titles not to be missed: Spirited Away (it’s a coming of age flick in the vein of Alice in Wonderland), Howl’s Moving Castle (this one’s a love story), and My Neighbor Totoro (a moving story of friendship between a young girl and a forest spirit).

3. Reading Comic Books


Don’t call it trash reading. Don’t call it lousy lit. Don’t ever, ever call it childish! Okay, so maybe it’s a bit man-childish. But some of the best story arcs have come out of the comic book universe. Have you read Allan Moore’s Batman: The Killing Joke? Or Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s tragically romantic classic Marvel color series? What about the subversive Watchmen? Anyway, we don’t expect this mutual understanding from the Fifty Shades of Grey book club. Oooohhh…burn!

Get into it: There’s a lot of romance and dry wit in other comics that aren’t steeped in superhero lore. If you’re fixin’ for some gothic broodiness, try Neil Gaiman’s darkly savvy Sandman series for starters. Or for a few shits and giggles, get your hands on Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World. The awesome thing about comic books is there really is something for everyone.

4. Toy Collecting

We know what you’re thinking: it’s an expensive hobby wherein most of the toys are kept in their packaging and aren’t even taken out to be played with. But these are pop-culture memorabilia. And we can say the same about those ridiculously priced handbags you never use.

Get into it: Think of it this way—all those Star Wars, LOTR, and Game of Thrones collectibles will pay for your future-kid’s tuition fees.

5. Playing Poker

Don’t deprive him of high-stakes happiness. Poker is just one way for him to relax, exercise his mind, and feel like he’s in control. It’s one thing when he invites his buds over for a few beers and a friendly hand, but when he’s gambling your savings away just for an adrenaline high, now that’s another story.

Get into it: Play a few games, and if you have fun, take it to a riskier level by having a mano a mano strip poker match with your man.

6. Sneaker Collecting

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You of all people should understand his obsession with cool kicks. With all your high heels, ballet flats, and sneaker wedges, this lust for footwear shouldn’t be as mind-boggling as anything else on this list.

Get into it: Wait, you’re already into it. Never nag him about his new Nikes and get him to buy you a pair. See how comfort and some flash can add flavor to your wardrobe.

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