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8 Erotic Books To Steam Up Your Lonely Nights

There is more to erotica than just Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Now that those evenings alone are beginning to get chillier than usual, it might be best to spend your solidarity in the company of a hot piece of literature. Reading stimulates the imagination, and what better way to titillate the mind than by curling up in your empty bed, flicking on that lamp, and losing yourself with the help of some NSFW erotica that would make your grandmother blush.

And since you’ve probably already swam through the BDSM-ridden pages of the mom-porn that is Fifty Shades of Grey, here are some sweat-inducing reads that are guaranteed to stain your sheets.

1. Under The Roofs Of Paris by Henry Miller

What it’s about: A struggling bohemian unapologetically explores the pathos that comes with Parisian debauchery. By jumping from one sexual partner to the next, the protagonist enters a quest for the right job, the real high, and the ultimate woman to appease his carnal appetite. 

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Hot quote: “There's something so fascinatingly horrible about her that I can't move. She slides into my arms, pushes my cock with her naked belly, opens her legs and places my dong between them. . . I turn onto my back to get away from her when I feel her bald cuntlet touching the end of my dick, but she's straddling me at once.”

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2. Story Of The Eye by George Bataille

What it’s about: A man recounts his perverted teenage exploits with his young lover named Simone. It’s bizarre, a bit disturbing, but most importantly bursting through the pages with unbridled passion.

Hot quote: "Thus a love life started between the girl and myself, and it was so intimate and so driven that we could hardly let a week go by without meeting. And yet we virtually never talked about it." 

3. Written On The Body by Jeanette Winterson

What it’s about:
An unnamed, genderless narrator tells the story of a fantastical love affair with a married woman. Flowery in its prose, with unassuming lesbian overtones, it’s an over-romantic work that’s sure to get you wet in all the right places.

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Hot quote: “Explore me,' you said and I collected my ropes, flasks and maps, expecting to be back home soon. I dropped into the mass of you and I cannot find the way out. Sometimes I think I’m free, coughed up like Jonah from the whale, but then I turn a corner and recognize myself again. Myself in your skin, myself lodged in your bones, myself floating in the cavities that decorate every surgeon’s wall. That is how I know you. You are what I know.”

4. Consumed by David Cronenberg

What it’s about: The novel revolves around journalist couple Naomi and Nathan, who get off on the frenetic energy of social media and the Internet age. They investigate the high-profile murder of an aristocratic French couple. And as they tumble deeper into the lives of the deceased, what they discover is a sex life riddled with dark methods, strangeness, and possibly cannibalism.  

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Hot quote: “She sat braless, hoodieless, and mysteriously comfortable, her hands spread and resting palms up on the bench as Arosteguy dangled the bra from a finger, letting it rotate gently in the provocative light of the garden like an unexpected flounder.”

5. Delta Of Venus by Anais Nin

What it’s about:
A collection of fifteen short stories by the Cuban-French erotica queen that was originally commissioned by a mysterious client. Through a flurry of furiously flagrant sexual encounters, she evokes the sensuous, the dangerous, and the emotions that come with intercourse. 

Hot quote: “When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body.”

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6. The Most Beautiful Woman In Town by Charles Bukowski

What it’s about: In a semi-autobiographical fit of genius, the author creates a collection of stories that don’t glitter the grimier side of the deed. Crass, in-your-face, and with a tinge of surrealism, The Most Beautiful Woman In Town is a work that stimulates both the mind and the body.

Hot quote: “I got my hands under the breasts, lifted them. Tons of meat. Meat without mouth or eye. MEAT MEAT MEAT. I slammed it into my mouth and flew into heaven.”

7. Dangerous Liaisons by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos

What it’s about: If you saw the Sarah Michelle Gellar x Reese Witherspoon x Ryan Phillippe movie Cruel Intentions, this is the novel they adapted it from. It’s a story of sexual politics and manipulation, of how men and women use their romantic intentions as a push and pull to come out on top.

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Hot quote: “I shall possess this woman; I shall steal her from the husband who profanes her: I will even dare ravish her from the God whom she adores. What delight, to be in turns the object and the victor of her remorse! Far be it from me to destroy the prejudices which sway her mind! They will add to my happiness and my triumph. Let her believe in virtue, and sacrifice it to me; let the idea of falling terrify her, without preventing her fall; and may she, shaken by a thousand terrors, forget them, vanquish them only in my arms.”

8. Belle de Jour by Joseph Kessel

What it’s about:
A restless, repressed housewife tries to escape the monotony of domestic existence by having an affair with a young gangster who feeds her masochistic tendencies.

Hot quote: “Since fate did not allow her to receive from Pierre the gift that rough men could give her, what could she do about it? Did she have to give up a joy which other women had mixed up with their love? If she had had that chance, would she have followed this frightful path? Who could blame her for actions that were demanded by cells she could not be accounted for? She had the same right as any animal to experience the sacred spasm that makes the earth quiver with a wet trembling every spring.”

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