8 Ways To Sexify Your Pad

Feel like redecorating your place this weekend? Transform it into a sexy yet cozy love den by taking these cues from design guru Chris Madden.

1. Aroma-cize your place. "Scatter scented candles with matches throughout your house," advises design expert Chris Madden. Choose aromas that remind you of your favorite places, like sandalwood to invoke a cozy Baguio getaway, or coconut to bring you back to a day at the beach.

2. Go with personalized room hues. Madden recommends finding color inspiration from things you love--like the ocean, the sky, flowers, and sunsets--to create a calm, comfy boudoir.

3. Place softness underfoot. Madden suggests spreading a few throws, big pillows, or cushy rugs of the same hue around a room, especially if your space has wood floors. "Hardwood is beautiful, but sometimes it needs something to add warmth."

4. Get lush, plush bedding. "Your bed is your sanctuary," says Madden. "It should be made up with the absolute best linens you can afford." Invest in sheets with a high thread count (it's worth it--300 and up feels great), a fluffy down comforter, and some overstuffed pillows in touch-me textures.

5. Add sense-pleasing touches. Framed botanical prints, variously shaped vases, and mood music all add a bit of sensory bliss. Another easy trick: Convert your most meaningful photos from color to black and white, and display them on your walls or bedside table. "Keep the look classic and simple by using white mats and thin black frames," Madden says.

6. Display pretty details. "Complement your department store purchases by adding surprising attractive garnishes," suggests Madden. Unique, decorative candleholders, one-of-a-kind lamps, and trinkets that have been passed down to you all add personality to any room and really make it your own.

7. Use the right light. "Your rooms should have two kinds of lighting: task lighting for reading and beautiful dim light for a great relaxed atmosphere," says Madden.

8. Conceal clutter. Nothing kills a mood more than a messy, chaotic room. Luckily, home-design stores are full of stylish choices, like bamboo baskets and fabric-covered boxes, that make organization easy. "When it comes to maintaining a clean, serene space, good storage is absolutely essential," says Madden.

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