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9 Things You Should Be Honest About With Your Partner

Like what you feel and what you want.

1. What you want to eat.

Your S.O. wants to enjoy a meal with you. When you say "I'm cool with eating anything" or "We can eat wherever you want" but don't mean it (and actually want him to guess what you're in the mood for), you'll just ruin your date. You'll get pissed at him for picking a place you don't like or a cuisine you're not a huge fan of. And since you'll most likely keep your frustration to yourself, you'll be cold to your guy or you'll whine and complain about the place or the food. It's clearly not a pretty scenario. So just be honest with him so you guys can have a good time together. Don't sound like a brat, though.

2. What you want to do on a date.

Do you feel like staying in to watch movies or going dancing? Do you want anything fancy or more down to earth? Not only would it make your date go well (for the same reason in #1), but it does give you guys variety especially when he's usually calling the shots. And with that variety comes excitement!

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3. What's bothering you when this thing he did or didn't do really, really upset/hurt you.

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How could he change for the better and comfort you if he doesn't know what upset or hurt you, right? Open communication is a sign of a healthy relationship for a reason. It shows that both of you are mature and welcome things that can make your bond stronger and prevent you from hurting one another. It's the only way you guys can move forward and grow. If what's upsetting you is shallow or pathetic, like him "liking" this girl's profile picture, let him know. He'll tell you it's nothing, and you need to hear his assurance. Better yet, you guys might end up discussing what's making you insecure, so you can work on beating it. If what hurt you is a big deal, like him still talking to his ex, confront him too. He needs to be told that what he's doing is breaking your heart, so he'll stop (ideally).

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4. What's bothering you, in general.

If something happened in the office or in the family, and you can't seem to focus on your guy when you're on a date and he's noticing your absent-mindedness, you might as well let him know so you don't offend him further. Besides, you guys are together. You guys are emotionally invested in each other in every possible way, so you can tell him your issues and troubles. He's not going to wonder why you're opening up so much to him, because that's how it should be. There's no point being in a relationship if you guys can't talk about these personal matters.

5. How you want the sex to be.

Why not have a say when you should have it? While it's great that you want your guy to derive the utmost pleasure from the sex hence let him do whatever he wants with you, it's so much better if you say that you want to have sex with him in a certain way (romantic or purely lust-driven) at a certain time. Guys also crave to be wanted/loved/desired, and lying there saying "up to you" isn't exactly heartwarming or spine-tingling.

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6. If you're not liking the thrusting or the rhythm.

Not like you have anything else to do than shriek "Aray!" when he hits the wrong spot or enters you too soon. Still, if he's moving the wrong way, let him know so he can make you enjoy with him. If you think your grunts or moans, or your face, will give him an idea of how good or bad the sex feels, you're wrong especially if you're just making the same sex face in pleasure and in pain.

7. When he asks you how you are.

"I'm fine" when you don't look or sound fine isn't going to cut it. There's no point lying that you are if it shows you're not and your guy looks concerned. Point is, don't think about protecting him from your sadness or issues, especially when he definitely wants to empathize and help you with the burden. He wants you to let him in that part of your life because he loves you; he doesn't want to miss out on it. If you're being passive-aggressive, quit it. You're not making anyone win, and that includes you, because you're unhappy.

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8. When he asks you what you want for your birthday or Christmas.

This is seriously the opportunity to tell him what material thing you want without coming off as demanding. So seize it! (Just know that it doesn't mean he'll buy it for you.)

9. What you feel about him.

If you really think he's the one, or if you just feel so happy with him, as in the happiest you've ever been in your young life, go ahead and tell him. Screw what you've been told about guarding your heart; you're already together! Why not add some more lovin' to your relationship? Why not make your guy kilig? It's the same when you've given up on being with him: Be honest. No one deserves to be dragged along in a relationship where the love is no longer two-way. Who knows? The confrontation might help you guys try your hearts at loving again.

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