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An Open Letter To My Cheating Fiance

I don't regret anything.

Dear A,

Let me start off by saying, “I’m sorry.” I am sorry that you chose to take the path your family, friends, and most of all, I, thought you would never take. I am sorry you cheated. It just wasn’t like you to cheat. Your other friends maybe, but not you.

I am sorry to have found out that you cheated on me. Given the chance, I would rather not have found out at all. But life is a bitch that way. I was able to put all the pieces together right away. I am sorry that you decided to let go of six wonderful years (and more to come pa sana) for a lay. I will not apologize though for loving myself better since then.

There are several questions left unanswered—questions which will probably remain unanswered until you man up and stop hiding and lying.

Why did you decide to cheat? Was I never good enough for you? Was it the sex? Did you think I wouldn't find out about her? Did you forget about your promise to be my husband in sickness and in health, for better or worse, come 2015, when you decided to kiss her and tell her that you loved her, too? Why do you think that what you did wasn't cheating? Isn’t seeing two girls at the same time called that?

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What do I do with the ring now?

Yes, I was also at fault. I will not act innocent and say that you’re all to blame for this. I asked for a cool-off when I felt our relationship was going nowhere. I asked because I wanted to give you time to think about what you wanted to happen to us. But I never thought you would actually cheat on me while doing so.

I was so relieved when you said, “We’ll fix this. We’ll get through this just like the other problems we’ve had.” So imagine my surprise when I found out you’ve decided to break us even more. It makes me wonder now: Does she even know you’re getting married next year? Or did you conveniently tell her we had broken up when we actually had not?

I don’t regret anything, though. I learned a lot from this experience and I have you, my cheating fiance, to thank for it. Thank you for teaching me to be resilient and strong despite being lied to continuously. Thank you for the happy thoughts and the wonderful memories, which I will start making on my own from now on. Thank you for being my best friend and partner in crime. And thank you for teaching me to be faithful. Rest assured you were the only one up until today.


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