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Awesome Sex Positions For Short Girls With Really Tall Boyfriends

Don't let physical limitations get in the way.
Sex Positions For Short Girls With Really Tall Boyfriends
PHOTO: Chris Clinton

You and your tall partner know the struggle: You can’t kiss while doing missionary without feeling him not thrust deep enough; you can’t do it standing up without wearing heels, tipping your toes, or standing on a step. The 69 can be pretty awkward. But don’t despair. There are sex positions that work well for you and your guy, whether you’re in the mood for something raunchy or romantic.

1. Lotus Flower

How: Get your partner to sit on the bed—he can sit with his legs outstretched on the mattress, or he can sit at the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. Sit on him and wrap your legs around his waist.

This position lets you make out or kiss one another’s neck and collarbones, and have sex at the same time. These then make sex through the Lotus Flower position intimate and hot at the same time. Since you’re sitting on his lap with your legs wrapped around his waist, height stops being an issue.

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2. Spooning

How: Lie on your side in a slight fetal position in front of your BF who’s also lying the same way, facing the same direction as you are.

Spooning works since it’s the girl who plays the little spoon. With you and your partner lying on your sides and meeting at your midsections, your height difference doesn’t interfere with the sex unlike when you’re standing up.

3. Girl on Top

How: With your guy lying on his back, straddle him with your legs on either side of his hips. You can face him or away from him. You can also squat with your feet on the bed for a hotter experience. Just ask him for some support as you ride him; it can make your thighs sore!

Whether you’re doing Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl, Girl on Top is perfect for you especially if you’re feeling aggressive. Depending on how big your height difference is, you may not be able to lock lips with your partner when you’re facing him. But there are great things about this position: It can let you feel wild, pleasure you, and make you orgasm. You’re in full control here, girl.

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4. On the Table

How: Lie down with your hips at the edge of a table, with your legs supported by your partner. Make sure your butt is as close to the edge as possible—this might make your spine sore, so you might want to put some pillows under you. Your partner stands between your legs, enters you, pulls his hips towards yours.

The height of the table is important here, because that’s what will level you with your partner. If the height is just right for him (slightly below his hips), thrusting can be practically effortless for him. As for you, you just have to lie there and enjoy.

5. The Plough

How: Lie on your belly on the edge of the bed. Your partner stands behind you, between your legs which he holds on to.

Similar to #5, this position has you relying on the height of something else for you and your partner’s convenience and pleasure. The Plough is much easier for short girls than for tall girls, since short legs are easier for your partner to support and provide quick access to your vagina.

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6. The Crab

How: Your partner lies on his back on the bed. Go on top of him with your legs in front of you and flanking him. Lean back and support yourself by extending your arms.

The Crab is another Girl on Top move, but in a way it’s more demanding for you since you’ll be carrying your weight and doing all the work. But the rewards are mind-blowing. This position works for short girls because height has nothing to do with the position. Just be careful on bending his penis; you don’t want to break it!

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