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Build Up The Heat: Pre-Sex Must-Dos

Warm up for the carnal pleasure that lies ahead with these provocative moves, pre-show.
You wouldn't expect a pot of water to go from zero to boiling point in seconds flat, right? Well, the same goes for sex—giving your bod time to warm up before the act is the key to reaching peak pleasure. You'll have the hottest intercourse when there's been a ton of buildup before foreplay, says Joy Davidson, PhD, author of Fearless Sex. Plus, your guy will love the extra passion prelude. Try some of these ideas to figure out the carnal cocktail that's best for you.

Sensual Solo Moves
  • During downtime (like while you're standing in line at the store), mentally play out a lusty fantasy.

  • Work out two hours before a date to boost endorphins in your body.

  • Transform your room into a soothing pleasure palace—make your bed and turn on soft lamps or light a candle.

  • Don something silky and curl up with a Cosmo must-read.

  • Start an erotic ritual that you do only before sex. For instance, rub lotion all over and stretch out on your bed while it soaks in. Eventually, your body will associate the experience with arousal, so youll get turned on automatically.
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Tricks To Try Together
  • Exchange text messages, starting with fairly tame notes (You have the sexiest lips) and then get naughtier.

  • Really enjoy little sensations you can get by barely touching himsuch as feeling his hair between your fingers.

  • Ask him a risque question like Whats the one part of my body that you would love to put your mouth on right now?

  • Undress each other slowly. Unbutton his shirt, and spend a few minutes giving him little kisses around the waistband of his pants without tugging them off yet. Then let him remove your top and kiss you along your bra straps and chest.

  • Sip champagne on the couch. Sit on opposite ends, facing each other as you run your toes up each others legs.

  • Sit on the bed so youre facing him, and wrap your legs around his waist. Then give each other a simultaneous shoulder rub, taking breaks to kiss surprisingly erotic areaslike the inside of your wrist or the back of your knee.

  • Slide on top of him completely naked with both of your arms and legs spread out mirroring his, and slowly breathe in sync for at least one minute.
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