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Cosmo Confessions: Have You Ever Cheated While You Were In A Relationship?

And did you regret it?
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Cheating. It's bad on so many levels—but you probably know at least one person who's done it (or who's still doing it), right? It starts in school (Uy, pakopya naman diyan!) and for some people, it finds its way into their personal lives. 

We asked Cosmo readers if they've ever cheated while they were still committed to someone. Check out their #CosmoConfessions!

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My boyfriend never found out. 

"It happened when I realized I don't love the guy [I'm with] anymore; we just got back together. We broke up because he cheated. When I was here in Manila, and he was in our hometown, I met someone on Omegle who was four years younger than me. We became fuck buddies for three months—without my boyfriend knowing. Eventually, I stopped seeing my fubu because I was starting to develop feelings for him.

And yes, my bf and I are still together."

I loved him less.

"I loved him. He cheated. I forgave him.

But it's true [when people say] na kahit pinatawad mo, he will love you more but you will love him less pala. I don't know. I think I kinda cheated, too, when I communicated with someone and invested some feelings pero subtle lang. When I did that, I [asked mysef], "Anong pinagkaiba ko?" I stopped. But yes, I believe I still cheated."

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My first and last big mistake.

"I cheated on my LDR boyfie on October 28, 2019 with someone else's boyfie; [he was in a long-distance relationship, too].

Honestly, I cheated because of my selfish needs (pleasure like sex and cuddles} but there were no feelings involved. Another [reason was my boyfriend and I didn't] have any communication or updates. I still blame myself for my reckless behavior. It's my fault, I'm sorry, I won't ever do it again. [I learned my lesson.] That [day was my first and last big mistake]!

I feel so ashamed and [unworthy] of him. I [plan on telling] him when he gets [back] home next year because he's working as a seafarer. I'm also aware of his oversensitive behavior and mental state. So I think it's best to admit when he's off of his contract...I know he deserves better. And obviously, I'm not the best girlfriend [for him]. Karma will haunt me now."

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Bawal marupok!

"I was in a four-year relationship while he was in an eight-year long-distance relationship naman. We were classmates for the longest time, but we were more acquaintances than anything until we had a nightout with our other classmates, and we ended up talking.

The natural flow of our conversation and the spark between us were really surprising [considering] we never really talked before. But because we were both in relationships AND the fact that this guy is a known babaero, I decided to leave and go home.

Fast forward to a year later, we were, again, placed in an unexpected situation [that allowed us to bond]. Every morning for a month, we would sit side by side during our morning reports. On the last day of that rotation, to celebrate, we had a few drinks with our co-clerks. We were all fairly drunk when we were dared to kiss. THE FIREWORKS BETWEEN US WERE INSANE!

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We ended up sleeping together despite being in different relationships. What we thought was a one-night stand (to get rid of the tension between us) became an everyday thing for three months.

We got tattoos together, watched basketball together, and I kept a toothbrush in his condo because I was there so often. But all good things had to come to an end: His girlfriend was coming back home to the Philippines. He asked me if I was falling for him, I told him I wasn't (even though I was).

He said he didnt want to stop our "thing." He just wanted to pause. I got upset with that notion. I pretended I was perfectly fine, then I stopped seeing him. But not before we all saw each other during vacation (me and my boyfriend, him and his girlfriend) a few days later. To this day, he would message me from time to time, asking me if I was free. Thankfully, [I don't see him.] Bawal marupok!"

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Just a friend?

"I've been in the same relationship for two years now, and I wouldn't technically call it cheating, but I do catch myself lying to my partner about talking to other guys often.

At one point, I went out on a date with someone else and all my partner knew about is that I went out with my "friends/" Technically, the guy I went out with was only a "friend"—[but we do have] romantic feelings for each other."