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Cosmo Confessions: What Is The One Thing You've Always Wanted To Tell Your Ex?

Two words: 'Hu u?'
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Depending on how your previous relationship ended, even when you're the happiest, most content person rn, sometimes, the mind slips and your ex suddenly pops in your head. If you didn't get any closure, you probably relive the last exchange you had; if you parted ways on good terms, you might wonder how he or she is doing. 

For Cosmo Confessions, we asked our readers for what they've ~*always*~ wanted to tell their exes. And sa totoo lang, sobrang relatable ng mga sagot niyo!

Two words

"Hu u?"

She was faking it

"Oh, you think you're good? I was faking it the whole time!"

So was she

"Hindi na ako umaasang magbabago ka, so I decided to leave. I hope you can find someone you can cheat with for the rest of your life.

P.S. You never made me come."

To my first

"What if I did not break up with you back then? Tayo pa kaya until now? I know I messed up when we were in high school. I was too young and marupok that time, but you didn't give me the chance when I apologized to you. I've tried but you won't let me, and I understand. It's all my fault naman talaga, e. Fast forward 10 years, we are both single and more mature. I tried to reconnect with you, but you're still not letting me.

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I don't know...why you won't allow me to just meet you even once so I can see if we could work things out."

Right in the feels

"I hope you never have to feel the same pain from the heartbreak you put me through."

No bad blood here

"Big thanks for the part you played in my life to get me to where I am today."

Huli ka!

"Stop stalking my IG. I saw that you liked then unliked my photo."

The whole package?

"You're an expensive and exhausting lesson I had to learn. Background: [my] ex of 11 years cheated on me twice, blamed me for the second time he cheated, and owed me money."

The ex she wants to forget the most

"We were a pretty amazing fit, me and you. But you just weren't the man for me.

You weren't man enough to stand up and take responsibility for your actions. Your sexism showed when you started to realize you couldn't control me the way you did your other exes, with manipulation and money. I'm glad I left when I did."

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Better me

"A wise flute-playing visionary once said, 'You're 'posed to hold me down, but you're holding me back. And that's the sound of me not calling you back.' But seriously, thank you for teaching me what I will and will not tolerate in a relationship. Also, which traits need improvement before I am ready for another relationship. You gotta always come out as a better version of yourself."

Boy, bye

"Buti nalang may konting honesty pa sa system mo, kasi when I immediately offered you a second chance after you cheated on me, sinabi mo na 'wag na kasi ayaw mo masayang college years mo and you wanted to explore. LOL, so thanks for making that choice, otherwise, I would've been stuck with your cheating ass, and I wouldn't have met my husband today!"

Dear X

"May you find the love you so deserve in this world. Please know that you were enough. You didn't do anything wrong, you were perfect! Unfortunately, I wasn't.

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Please know that you deserve someone better, and you are for someone better. You have so much love to give and I pray you find the person you can give that love to. I pray you find that perfect partner—someone who'll take care of you, someone who'll love you as much as you love me, and someone who will never break your heart.

Please know that someone from far away will always pray for your happiness. Find and own that happiness."

As my girl Ariana Grande says

"Thank you, next!"

*Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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