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10 Things Couples Can Do While They're Apart Because Of Physical Distancing

It's time to get creative.
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To control the rapid spread of COVID-19, governments from all over the world have imposed lockdown and community quarantine rules. People are advised to just stay at home unless they need to go out to buy essential goods like food and medicine. This has resulted in non-LDR couples to be in a somewhat long-distance relationship setup. If you're part of this statistic, try these activities with your S.O. to help keep the spark alive.

  1. Regular phone calls

    Check up on each other! Your conversations need not be super long. Just an update on how your day was or how you ~feel~ about everything is enough.

  2. Video call dates

    Now that we're on the topic of calls, you can level them up with a FaceTime sesh slash legit dinner date. Your meal doesn't have to be fancy—a Spam spinoff meal will do. Plus, you both do not need to dress up!

  3. Enjoy two-player mobile games

    There are mobile games you both can play at the same time even if you're miles apart. Here's a list for Android and iPhones.

  4. Make a playlist

    Express your LDR feels in a playlist. Go on Spotify and start with these songs: "Current Location" by LANY, "come ovr" by Sophie Meiers, and "Location Unknown" by Honne.

  5. Netflix and chill

    You read that right! Thanks to Netflix's new feature, you and your boo can watch the same show at the same time. It's a Google Chrome extension that allows real-time viewing (if one presses pause, your screen will freeze too). Check out the complete deets here.

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  6. Send selfies

    This may be the bare minimum, but flooding your S.O.'s inbox with cute selfies will make him smile. Instagram is brimming with the coolest filters so your pics will never be boring!

  7. Learn something new together

    Whether it be as simple as making Instagrammable coffee or something as serious as a foreign language, learning a new thing together will be fun and will improve your adulting skills.

  8. Create a bucket list

    Making up a list of activities you plan to do after *this* all ends will make the days just pass by. During the 30-day period of community quarantine, maybe you can agree on one thing you both would do as soon as you're free to go out. It doesn't need to be as complex as travel plans—a simple brunch would do! You'll have 30 items on your bucket list after the quarantine ends.

  9. Talk about ~feelings~

    This is the time to get super deep convos. Talk about your future plans as a couple or verbally express how you miss each other. Tell them the little things that you love about them. You both need to feel the *kilig* more than ever.

  10. Video sex

    Let's be adults here. When you miss each other sooo much, this can be your option. Just make sure that your cam is only capturing from the neck down and LOCK THE DOOR!

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