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PSA: You Should Absolutely Date Someone With The Same Zodiac Sign

What could be more compatible than two Scorpios, or two Virgos, or..?
You Should Absolutely Date Someone With The Same Zodiac Sign

So you’ve got a crush/bae/twin flame/FWB—and they have the same Sun sign as you. (Whoa!) But isn’t dating your own zodiac sign kinda...weird? Egotistic? Isn't it like dating yourself, or even your twin? TBH, it can be an eye-opener! But here’s why this love connection could literally be written in the stars.


If you have the same Sun sign, there are a lot of similarities between you. You'll likely have common ground when it comes to your energy levels, basic needs, and innate temperament. Your worldviews often match as well, so when you’re together, you just vibe. Your body and life rhythms will often sync effortlessly.


You'll likely analyze, joke, think, share memes, make plans, and interact in a similar way. Let's get into the astrology behind it: As the Sun moves through the zodiac, Mercury stays pretty close to it. In fact, Mercury—the planet of communication—is never more than 28 degrees from the Sun. That means that in your birth chart (which is like a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born, BTW), your Mercury sign is likely either the same as your Sun sign, or one sign before or after it (so if you're a Taurus, your Mercury sign will be either Taurus, Aries, or Gemini).

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All this means is that if you date someone who shares your Sun sign, there’s a high likelihood that you could also share a Mercury sign. And that means you’d understand each other sooo well.


You know how I just said that Mercury is always pretty close to the Sun in the zodiac? The same thing is true for Venus. The Sun and Venus are never more than 48 degrees (or two zodiac signs) apart from one another in the sky, meaning that you also have a high likelihood of either sharing a Venus sign, or having your Venus sign make a conjunction (aka in the same sign as, making a very vibe-y connection) with your partner's Sun or Mercury.

One of the most wonderful things about being with someone so like you is that it can help you appreciate what is inherently awesome about you. You learn by looking in the mirror and are like: Damn, I am a catch!

This is mega when it comes to compatibility because it means you’ll find happiness, contentment, and pleasure with one another in a way that very few people will ever share. And one of the most wonderful things about being with someone so like you is that it can help you appreciate what is inherently awesome about you. You learn by looking in the mirror and are like: Damn, I am a catch!

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While all of this sounds, uh, perfect, there’s a catch—actually, several of them. First off, they might be *too* similar to you. They may mirror things about you that you don’t like—your quirks, insecurities, emotional pitfalls, stubbornness, and beyond. It could feel like sometimes you’re dating who is all the worst parts of yourself, and that can be really hard to face. Or, less-dramatically, having similar energy could mean you just don't vibe romantically—but make for amazing pals.

Another possible frustration is that because you’re so similar, you end up lacking balance. For instance, a zodiac sign that is more of a leader may be best suited with someone that will be happy to follow. If two people are both trying to be in charge all the time, that ain’t gonna work! On the other hand, you could end up being so aligned that you lose your identity to the relationship.

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BTW: True astrological compatibility is not just about your Sun signs—it’s based on each person’s full birth charts. No matter if your Sun signs match or not, if you have other areas that vibe, you truly could have found a lasting relationship. (Swoon!)

Here’s what it’s like to date your own zodiac sign:


Aries are independent, bold, and confident. They love their autonomy and crave adventure. This works well when both are given enough space to grow and do their thing. However, Aries are also known for their fiery tempers and tendency to quickly jump to conclusions. This could create a volatile atmosphere where you go from lovers to enemies. Dating a fellow Aries will teach you when to do your own thing, and when to step up and support someone else.


Tauruses are sensual AF, total foodies, and like consistency, so dating a fellow bull can be a no-brainer! In fact, this is one of the best same-sign matches in the whole zodiac—just think about how two bulls get yoked into a wagon to trudge through a field. Once two Tauruses are side-by-side, they’re happy to carry on no matter what. However, bulls also have horns and can dig their heels in the dirt. When this pair isn’t seeing eye-to-eye, they may decide to stubbornly disagree rather than meeting in the middle. Dating a fellow Taurus will def help you learn to compromise, even when it’s hard.

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Geminis are flexible, excitable, and energetic, with wide eyes and curious minds. Often bored with other zodiac signs, a two-Gemini pairing could bring the enthusiasm they both crave. Also, because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, both value communication—so even with inevitable disagreements, they’ll likely find a way to talk through it. However, Gemini is such a changeable sign that it may be difficult to make this last unless one Gemini supplies a more grounding energy to create a long-term union. Dating a fellow Gemini will help you to calm TF down and center yourself.


Cancers are domestic, sensitive, and nurturing. They love to build a home together. Yet, ruled by the Moon, they can also be overly emotional and passive-aggressive. They may feel like they’re always holding onto some past resentment or that they’re constantly afraid to offend their partner. Also, they have a tendency to try to take care of the other, to the point of losing the sexual spark. Dating a fellow Cancer encourages you to open up your shell and be direct rather than taking everything personally.

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Leos are fiery, egocentric, and courageous, always hungry to explore and experience their passions. They’re also super romantic and lusty, which will make two Leos a fabulous match. However, because they both require a great deal of, well, worship, the union may end up feeling imbalanced if someone is getting more attention than the other. This could bruise egos! After all, it is hard to always give equal “stage time” to two people who both want to be the star. Dating a fellow Leo will teach you to share the limelight and support one another’s goals.


Virgos are practical, loyal, and excellent planners. A two-Virgo couple can work extremely well if the both are in tandem with the same goals and routine. Virgos love to take care of others, so this relationship can also be very healing. However, they are also known for being judgmental and over-analytical. If that energy is directed to their partner, this can create some deep rifts. Dating a fellow Virgo will help you to understand that everyone has flaws and no one—not even you—will ever be perfect.

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Libras are social, romantic, and charming. They are drawn to beauty and often seek fairness. However, Libras are notoriously indecisive. They also tend to prefer letting others take the lead, which will obviously create problems if they each are waiting for the other person make up their mind. Dating a fellow Libra will teach you to not shove problems under the rug and to learn the artful dance of leading and following.


Scorpios are passionate, intense, and erotic. With so much fire between the two of them, if channeled properly, they could take over the world! This desire to conquer everything in their path can lead this pairing to be the most strategic and cunning of all same-sign unions. Also, their sex life could end up being cosmic AF, with both carrying high libidos. Yet if they start to control one another, this connection could turn into an all-out war. Dating a fellow Scorpio will teach you to play nice and that relationships have ebbs and flows.

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Sagittarians are free-spirited, adventurous, and impulsive, and when you pair two together, they could end up having the time of their lives! Both of them will want to explore the world. By giving each other the freedom to grow, they will learn so much from one another. However, if dishonesty or a fear of commitment leaks into the connection, this could cause them to soar apart. Dating a fellow Sagittarius will teach you to live in the moment, while also understanding that the right partnerships should be fun, rather than limiting.


Capricorns are ambitious, grounded, and materialistic, and when two snuggle up, they may find that they share quite the same worldview. This focus upon common goals and supporting one another’s ambitions could make this match very promising. However, as a cardinal sign, Capricorns like to take the lead, dominate, and often control the outcome. This may create friction between the two, as each is likely to be opinionated. If their individual paths also feel like a competition, red flags will be flown. Dating a fellow Capricorn will teach you to build long-term goals as a team, but to also embrace where you are in the journey.

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Aquarians are intellectual, eccentric, and independent. They will be drawn to one another for their unique ideas and shared beliefs. This union will likely be one where they each learn so much from the other person. However, Aquarius is an air sign and can be emotionally detached and stubborn in their ways. This could cause the pair to have difficulty communicating their feelings until they’ve been bottled up for too long. They may also end up finding that the union is better suited for a platonic connection over time. Dating a fellow Aquarius will encourage you to face and communicate your emotions early on so that you can always make sure that you’re on the same page.


Pisceans are imaginative, creative, and intuitive. When two of them hitch up, they could feel they’ve found a soulmate connection. The best thing about two Pisceans together is that they will inspire one another, offering a whole new vision of reality. Yet when it comes to mundane affairs and finances, this pairing is often not living on Earth! They also have a knack for avoiding problems and encouraging one another’s bad habits. Dating a fellow Pisces will teach you to focus on reality, while still devoting time to let your head float in the clouds.

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