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Here's What Men Actually Look For In Women

And breaking news, it's not boobs!

Yes, men are attracted to women’s breasts and butts. Guys like girls with big assets because they appear more fertile and nurturing. But when looking for a life partner, men value intelligence the most! Can you believe it?

David Bainbridge, a professor in the University of Cambridge and the author of Curvology: The Origins and Power of Female Body Shape, told Hay Festival that men are attracted to a woman’s intelligence because it shows that she will most likely be a responsible parent.

Men can also assume that a smart woman had intelligent and responsible parents, so she must have been fed and raised well.

Bainbridge even says that men don’t really care about how big a woman’s breasts are, so long as they’re symmetrical. A woman’s legs don’t have to go on for days; they just have to be straight and show that she didn’t have any developmental illness. He states that men look for symmetry in facial and bodily features, since they think it suggests “stable” genes.

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Men still do like curvy women, though, since babies’ brains rely on fat supply from their mom’s thighs and butts for survival and intelligence.

Do you fit the bill? Don’t worry if you’re not book smart and curvy. Let’s take this time to appreciate the men who do think about humanity’s future and being a responsible partner in childcare. (The fun has to be shared, right?)

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