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How To Reach The Big O--For Real

Has it been elusive lately? Climax faster than you can spell O-R-G-A-S-M with these tips.
Think dirty thoughts. “Thinking about a sexy experience increases arousal, making you more likely to orgasm,” says sex therapist Laura Berman, PhD, director of the Berman Center in Chicago.

Ditch distractions. “Diversion is orgasm sabotage because you can’t focus on the sensations,” says Patti Britton, PhD, co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage.

Chill out. The key to Big-O bliss is being relaxed, so ask your man to give you a pre-sex massage and concentrate on how good his touch feels-before and during the deed.

Keep breathing. “Pull long, deep breaths from your pelvic area,” says Berman. This will maximize blood flow to your groin and help with pelvic-floor muscle control-both of which are essential for orgasm.

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