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How To Subtly Scope A Guy's SIZE

A Cosmo girl always does her homework. So, if you want a well-endowed dude, here are some sly ways you can measure his package--without getting caught.

Crushing on your seatmate or eyeing that super cute colleague? You've looked him up and down, assessed his personality, but there's still one little, guilty thing you haven't figured out. Girls, even if we hate to admit it--sometimes we just want to know if he's up to par... down there. Whether it be a preference for guys of a certain size or simply out of curiosity, these sneaky tips will help you figure out that hot dude's dimensions.

Method A: The Eye Try

  • Look up absentmindedly, pretending to try to remember something you've forgotten. Next, cross your arms, and put your head in your hand (it gives the illusion of deep thought) as you turn to spy on his package. Then glance away again, looking perplexed.
  • Holding your book, cellphone, or iPod in front of you, lower it to a level just below the line of sight of his package. Pretend to read, text, or change your song but actually scope his crotch. After a few seconds, turn your eyes back to the object to look engaged.

Method B: The Accidental Graze

  • While within six inches of him, slide your hand down as if you're about to put it in your bag. Instead, "accidentally" graze his groin. Offer a casual "Ay! Sorry!" if he seems taken aback.
  • Chat with your target, then mid-sentence, glance at his pants and say "Oh, you’ve got some lint there" and pluck off the imaginary offender without hesitation. Then, smile and say, "You're welcome."

Pro Pointers

● Do not stare for more than five seconds...unless you'd be okay with his whipping it out right then and there.

● Don't record his largesse with your camera phone. Remember: The date you want to end up with is not one in court.

● Do not attempt on a man attached to a protective woman, unless you're ready for a brawl.

● If you get caught, play it off. Should he bust you mid-glance, casually say, "Oh, my brother has been looking for a pair of pants just like those. Where did you get them?"

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