Apparently, This Is The Ideal Age Gap For A Successful Relationship

Sorry Monica and Richard, you were doomed from the start.

We're still pretty old-fashioned in our views when it comes to age gaps in relationships. I've heard countless friends say they like someone but are wary because this person is two years younger than them. Or how some of us get a bit grossed out if we hear about an older man dating a young woman. It's hard to shake off those old stereotypes of women who date older men as ~*gold diggers*~ or as having ~*daddy issues.*~

But we all know age is just a number and a state of mind, don't we? I've known some 18-year-olds who are more mature than some of my 30-year-old pals. Surely what matters in a good and lasting relationship is how well you get on, understand, and respect each other, right?

Regardless, science seems set on putting a number on the "ideal age gap," and this new study claims to have found exactly what difference in age will make for a lasting and successful relationship. Good Housekeeping reports that researchers from Emory University in Atlanta studied 3,000 couples and found those with a five-year age gap were 18% more likely to break up than those who were the same age.

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So the couples who were least likely to split up (just a 3% chance) had an age difference of one yearmeaning, this is the "ideal age gap," according to science.

As fun as that must have been to work out, we should probably take it with a GIANT spoonful of salt! We all know what makes and breaks relationships is the human beings in them; and whether there's a two-year difference between them, or 20, it matters more whether they're genuinely good and loving people to each other.

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