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7 Lame Excuses Guys Have Made Not To Wear A Condom

Ugh, so annoying.
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Some men (read: indecent a-holes) will always come up with an excuse not to wear a condom during sex.  Although it might be true that it feels better without one, it also puts you both at risk for STDs or an unwanted pregnancy.

So yes, you should definitely always ask him to put one on before you guys roll around in the sack. If he doesn’t want to, then that’s your cue to kick him out the door.

Here, some lame-o excuses guys will always use to get out of wearing protection. If you hear any permutation of these lines coming from his lips, he’s not worth your time.  No glove, no love. 

1. “Mas masarap pag wala eh.”

To which you reply: “Sapak sa mukha, masarap din!”

2. “I’ll pull it out in time. Trust me.”

FYI, there’s such a thing as precum. 

3. “Baog naman ako eh…”

Said no trustworthy man. EVER. Run away, stat!

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4. “I’m allergic to rubber.”

Well, I’m allergic to lying assholes.

5. “Oh sh*t! I forgot my condoms at home. Next time, promise I’ll wear one.”

Well, we can continue this next time, too! 

6. “Wala akong sakit. Promise.”

Wala akong paki! 

7. “It’s more intimate when it’s flesh on flesh.”

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Yeah, but it's also riskier. BOY, BYE!