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8 *Cute* Last-Minute Things To Do On Valentine's Day With Your Boyfriend

Did you *forget* to make plans again?
Last-minute valentines day ideas
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I admit. I'm not the best at planning ahead. I tend to procrastinate and "forget" about important dates. Safe to say, I excel in doing things last-minute, LOL. This Valentine's Day is no exception. I'm very much aware that most services and deliveries should be scheduled in advance because of the pandemic, but here I am, sitting confidently in my cushy office chair and thinking that I'll just wing it.

If you're like me, you'll probably *need* a bit of help in the ~*grand gestures*~ department. So, I created a list of fun last-minute things to do with your boyfriend, whether you're spending it together or apart.

Last-Minute Valentine's Day Ideas to Do With Your S.O.

  1. Send each other food!

    If you guys can't dine out together, send each other gift packages and go on a Zoom or FaceTime date. Foodpanda has various restaurants to choose from. Plus, they carry Candy Corner and Marks and Spencer Food, so you can easily enjoy sweet treats while apart.

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  2. Make a deck of your love story.

    Show off each other's work-from-home Zoom meetings skills. Make presentations of your love story! Create a timeline, a collage of your photos, (or maybe do a section called "areas of improvement" LOL!), and lay down your future plans. It would be nice to see how each of you would tell how you met and fell in love.

  3. Listen to a playlist together.

    Idk if you've heard of this concept before, but remember when mixed tapes were a thing in the '90s? Well, you can make that cute gesture very 2021 by creating a playlist for your boyfriend. Listen to it together via Spotify Group Sessions.

  4. Create something handmade

    You don't need to be Pablo Picasso or Michaelangelo to create something special for each other. It could be a scented candle, a simple painting, or even a Yakult bouquet! You can also concoct something in the kitchen: Cheese dips, a no-bake cake, or chocolate truffles.

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  5. Build a care package

    Place each other's favorite things in one package: From food to random stuff! Set a budget so you won't overspend. 

  6. Book a massage

    If you're spending V-day together, book a relaxing pamper sesh via app.  From February 8 to 14, 2021, you get 15 percent off all nails, hair, and massage home services in Metro Manila. Customers can simply schedule a service for their preferred date and time.

  7. Play video games together

    Establish teamwork by playing a cool video game! The winner will be awarded an exciting treat. (wink, wink)

  8. Celebrate V-day on a different day

    Let's be realistic. February 14 is a payday weekend, so restaurants are packed! There would be long waiting times, plus you guys might be iffy that physical distancing won't be properly observed. Schedule your date on the 20th for a more chill celebration.

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