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NBSB? Here Are Some Things You Can Probably Relate To

Like the dreaded, 'Ang taas kasi ng standards mo.'
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People say that the right person comes along at the right time. And for some, it happens *so* fast, but there are also those who have to wait a little longer—and with the extra effort to really put themselves out there.


Despite the progress we've made on learning the importance of self-love, those who have had no boyfriend since birth (NBSB) still experience a lot of unnecessary jabs and annoying side comments on their relationship status. Below, Cosmo girls tell us about their experiences: 

Your family can be *a lot* to take. 

  • "Your family is more desperate [about] finding you a partner; they keep asking when [you'll be bringing someone] to a family gathering." -Jamie
  • "Titas everywhere telling you: 'Your standards are too high.'" -Lily
  • "Joke na sa household mo na, ipapa-raffle ka na sa Pasko." -June
  • "Most people think you're unhappy because you're not with someone, like you're lonely because you're alone. I used to not like family gatherings because I feel like they pitied me for never having a boyfriend. A cousin of mine even thought I was missing out on life and not having fun at all. But now, I've learned to shrug it off and even make fun of it sometimes. I've accepted na maybe wala talaga; and if meron, edi wow." -LadyJohren

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You hear, "Ang choosy mo kasi," all the time (among other things).

  • "Tatandang dalaga na raw ako kasi sobrang choosy ko." -Vanessa
  • "Sinasabi nila na masungit ako at hindi friendly kaya walang naglalakas loob lumapit sa'kin na mga boys para manligaw, haha! Introvert po kasi ako. And mahiyain po ako. That's why I don't know how to flirt. Lagi lang ako nasa loob ng bahay. Kaya hindi rin ako madalas nakikita ng mga tao outside." -Anne
  • "Yung lahat ng friends mo humihingi sa'yo ng love advice. Like what? Haha! Then sasabihin nila na mataas ang standards ko kaya 'di pa ako nagkaka-boyfriend. E, never pa talaga, as in, never pa na may nagtangkaYung mga crush ko naman, nagiging tropa ko, may asawa o anak, o may jowa na. Haha, saklap!" -Angelica

People THINK you're sad and miserable (and they're wrong).

  • "I don't know but some people who are in relationships, or sometimes even your own friends who are taken, make you feel like being single is a mortal sin. Like it's sad and miserable, and you should go out and have fun and flirt with guys to find your Mr. Right.

    'Di ko alam kung bakit. May certain deadline or age requirement ba to be in a relationship para i-pressure ka ng ganun and take note na hindi lahat ng single ay malungkot. 'Di rin naman lahat ng taken ay masaya. Hindi lagi naka-depend ang happiness ng isang tao sa significant other niya. There are so many reasons to be happy and to celebrate life. Wala tayong magagawa kung walang may trip sa'tin or kung tumanda ka mang dalaga. Hindi sa lalaki nasusukat ang kaligayahan ng isang babae. You have your family and friends and other things that make you whole as a person." -Mitzi
  • "It's more of a blessing than a setback. Come to think of it, it's like having more time to love yourself and find yourself in the process." -Hannah
  • "I think being [someone who's have had] NBSB is a chance to learn, fail, discover and rediscover yourself over again and again. It's also a way to prepare yourself so when the right person comes along, you're the best version of you." -Michelle
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*Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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