10 Kinds Of People You Should Unfollow On Social Media

You won't miss them when they're gone.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. They're great ways to share fun stuff and catch up with friends. Unfortunately, for every legitimate friend you enjoy interacting with on social media, there seem to be two more toxic people cluttering your feed. Fortunately, you can keep them at bay by unfollowing them! Here are ten kinds of people you should purge ASAP.

  1. Your ex.

    Unless you both ended on amazingly great terms, don't bother keeping up with them. You broke up for a reason, there's no need to have their face pop up in your feed out of nowhere. You don't need that sh*t.

  2. Your current S.O.'s ex.

    Basically, any ex. Almost everyone just shares the best aspects of their life on social media, and only from the best angles. Why tempt yourself and compare the real you to the best version of your partner's ex? It's not healthy. And while you may not actively follow said ex, it's possible you still stalk them on Instagram. Don't do that.

  3. Anyone from high school that got under your skin.

    If you ever got a friend request from someone that made you say, "Why are you trying to follow me?" just cut them out. Whether you had beef with them in high school, or you were frenemies, or whatever it was, don't follow anyone that makes your blood boil because ugh. People.

  4. Anyone trying to aggressively sell you something.

    People will use social media to promote their business, for sure. But if all they do is try to trap you in a pyramid scheme, get out of there. If their product was so great, they wouldn't be DMing you multiple times a week about it, would they?

  5. Anyone who spams a bunch of bad memes.

    Think of your Instagram feed as a virtual living room. Feng Shui is important. Allowing someone to upload a bunch of garbage-ass image macros of the Joker and Harley Quinn is the same as letting them come over and dump a bunch of folding chairs in your living room.

  6. That coworker who got a promotion over you and didn't deserve it.

    The only reason you're following that idiot is to see them eventually fall flat on their face. Just let it go.

  7. Your boss.

    You don't want to forget who can see your IG story of you at the beach on the day you called in "sick."

  8. That guy constantly posting incendiary sh*t.

    Whether he's just trolling, think being offensive is the same as being funny, or is legitimately ignorant, it's not worth getting worked up over. Remove people like this if you can't help but waste your time arguing with them. This also goes for anyone who constantly fights with these people in the comments.

  9. Your friend's friend's roommate's band page who is always updating that "big things are coming soon."

    SPOILER ALERT: they are never coming. That one time you heard them live was alright, but it's been eight years. They've all got day jobs and they'll never get back together.

  10. Anyone who takes a bunch of pictures of their kid and then shares all 90 of them at once.

    There's nothing wrong with having kids. But it's different when they carelessly post 800 blurry pictures of them eating cookies. Nope!


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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