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8 Pinays Share Their Online Dating Stories During Quarantine

'There was a lot of eye candy!'
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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing means physical meet-ups aren't possible right now. That doesn't mean you should give up on your love life, though! You might want to give online dating a try. We asked Pinays in our Cosmo Mixers Facebook group to share their experiences with dating apps during quarantine, and here's what they had to say:

1. "Who would’ve thought we could find love in the middle of a pandemic?"

Jerard and I were on our "last run" with Bumble. After a few years of bullshit the app has been matching us with, we finally found each other. It may seem like a dream that you can find "The One" through a dating app especially during this pandemic, but I guess anything you pray for will eventually come true.

We matched in April of 2020, two weeks after my birthday. When we matched, everything was just so smooth. We immediately clicked since we had a lot of things in common, but the most important thing is we were both looking for something serious. He was consistent, respectful, and most importantly he was God-fearing. I knew it was too soon for me to feel that I was falling for him in [such] a short period of time, but I took the risk. After almost two months of consistently talking to each other while waiting for the lockdown to be lifted, we finally met. I was really glad that his actions were consistent in chat and in person.

After three months of getting to know each other, he brought me to Tagaytay, showed me the nicest view, handed me flowers, finally confessed his feelings, and asked me to be his girlfriend. It was one of the most memorable days of my life. We just celebrated our first month of being in a relationship and I couldn’t be more blessed to have met a guy from an app that I never thought I could find love in." – Jamie

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2. "There was a lot of eye candy!"

"I used Tinder Passport during the start of lockdown, when it was free. Haha! There was a lot of eye candy! But I stopped chatting with them after a couple of days. These were mostly non-thirsty matches, na parang we liked the same things or either of us had kuwento that the other found interesting. Some even went as far as WhatsApp or following each other on Instagram, but it would fizzle out because of the geography/situation. I deleted the app when the Passport feature expired because based on location, sobrang olats ng options ko?" – Aussy

3. "It's been pretty low maintenance, not clingy but saktong kilig."

"I used Bumble a few weeks after the lockdown announcement, [and] matched with a handful [of people]. I felt I got catfished by one, unmatched most [because we're on different] wavelengths, [and] agreed to be Instagram buddies with one [because] we got along really well!

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[We have the] same interests yet we learn from each other. We do not talk constantly but respond to each other's IG stories, and whenever we talk it's substantial. [We] tried to meet up a couple of times. All in all, [we've] been in touch for three months now and it's been pretty low maintenance, not clingy but saktong kilig hahaha." – Lea

3. "Meron naman ako naka-chat na super promising sa conversation, tapos nung nag-meet na kami may mga habits na nakaka-turn off."

"I remember using Tinder for a few days [but] apparently tamad ako [sa] paulit-ulit na "Hi, how are you," etc. Meron naman ako naka-chat na super promising sa conversation, tapos nung nag-meet na kami may mga habits na nakaka-turn off. Like yung isang kuya na nagkukulangot sa dinner.

Anyway, nag-try lang naman nung time na single pa, nakilala ko pa rin boyfriend ko while traveling sa Cebu, I think iba yung spark yung nakita mo muna. But that's just me. I have friends na kinasal na now and they've known each other through the Tinder app. Swertihan lang din, hehe.
" – Brenda

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4. "I got tired of trying to find someone to take seriously, so I just ended up using it to find people that I can play ranked League of Legends games with."

"I used Bumble in the first month of the quarantine and ended up matching with one of the head coaches of my AF home branch. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didn't expect him to be the type of person who's really into emoticons.

I got tired of trying to find someone to take seriously, so I just ended up using it to find people that I can play ranked League of Legends games with and uninstalled [it] na rin after a few weeks. Lol." – Marvelle

5. "[I'm] thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch now."

"I used Bumble during the first month of the quarantine. I got a bunch of matches but only chatted with a few and conversations just fizzled out. I eventually got bored and uninstalled. Thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch now, hahaha." – Maria

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6. "I realized na wala sa priority ko ang dating/ flirting now."

"I installed Tinder last June because I was moving out of my condo and I wanted to see anong meron sa area, lol. There were three guys na constant kong kausap. They were nice guys na may sense kausap. But I uninstalled it after a week because nakakatamad. I enjoyed talking to them naman kaya lang I realized na wala sa priority ko ang dating/ flirting now." – June

7. "A girl DM'd me and said I matched with her boyfriend."

"I tried Tinder and Coffee Meets Bagel and made lots of friends. I made authentic friends for real, good guys do exist on dating apps. But majority are cheating jerks, I feel sorry for their girlfriends. A girl DM'd me and said I matched with her boyfriend, hahaha. [It's] all good. [She] made it clear naman." – Vanessa

8. "We've turned out to be great friends."

"[I tried] Coffee Meets Bagel. I met a former US Navy through that app; he's half-Pinoy din naman and we've turned out to be great friends. I am still finding other friends on that app...Who knows? Hehehe." – Marjorie

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