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Promises Strong Couples Should Be Able To Make And Never Break

Like being patient and understanding.

1. "To keep being open with you."

Relationships grow stronger and deeper through open communication, so if you want yours to last a lifetime, you have to be able to express yourself honestly and tactfully to your partner. Doing so will keep you both on the same word of every page.

2. "To listen."

Open communication would be in vain if none of you listened to one another. If you listen carefully you'd be able to pick up what your partner is saying (through his words) and what he's feeling (through his tone). This'll help you see things in the way he does and guide you in responding to him.

3. "To learn from my mistakes."

Because the problems you've experienced in your sixth month of dating, when things start to get rocky, shouldn't be your problems anymore on your third year. This is the true sign of growth and understanding.


4. "To let you make your own choices."

If you want to quit your job or start studying again or chase your childhood dream of becoming a designer, he'll let you quit provided you're smart about it and you've given it enough thought. If you're torn or confused, he'll be there to talk things out and hopefully help you come to a decision. It's healthy that you both are in control of your own lives still.

5. "To let you grow."

Some people don't want their partners to succeed (for selfish reasons), but that's not the case for mature couples like you or like you want to be. You guys encourage each other to be better people in your own ways, and this is good for yourselves and for those around you. You're not suffocated people who live in a bubble and are all about each other only.

6. "To make time."

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You guys have your own lives to live and busy schedules to follow, so you have to constantly make time for each other to say that you value him and the relationship. When you do this, you're letting him know too that you don't taken him for granted and that he's a priority.

7. "To be there for you no matter what."

It's great if you're physically there for your partner when he's going through a crisis so you can calm him down or just be all ears, but if you can't, that's okay too as long as you're a tap away. You'll never let him be consumed by so much negativity. Just the same you'll be there for him or make him feel your presence in the highest times of his life. What's the point of a relationship if you guys can't be there for each other, right?

8. "To be patient."


No matter how much and how well you guys communicate, shit will go down. Some things are just out of your hands. Besides, you'll be facing new things as you go along in life. One of you will snap and crack more easily, one of you will go through another crisis, one of you might act childishly again, one of you might turn into a zombie-like workaholic. You guys have to be able to exercise patience when you're being driven up the wall by something you know in your mind is just a phase. Doing that means you're able to completely understand your partner and see the bigger picture so you won't let yourself indulge your current (and passing) irritation.

9. "To never cheat on you."

Because no one, especially the person he loves (you), deserves to be cheated on regardless of excuse.

10. "To stop doing this thing that bothers you."


These are applicable to legit worrisome things, meaning you guys should've talked about an issue, understood one another, and agreed to it being legit worrisome. (Like driving while drunk, entertaining that girl you know has liked him since they were college freshmen, and staying out 'til dawn with his friends.) To promise this and to always keep it isn't just about having peace of mind. It's about making sure you guys are still committed to each other's happiness even if it means having to "sacrifice" a little, and about continuously and consistently working to make your relationship much, much better. And the great part about your already strong relationship is that working to make it stronger (by keeping promises, for instance) doesn't feel like work. That's how it is, right, when you do things out of love?

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