Real Men Spill How They Like Sex

Cosmo got real guys to tell you the dirty details--the right touch, speed, and carnal moves--that would make men go weak in the knees with bliss.

When it comes to pleasing your guy in bed, the truth is that pretty much any move you make is going to put a smile on his face. And therein lies the problem: If his lust life already rates above average, the typical man isn’t likely to speak up and reveal the sensual specifics that would mean the difference between feeling good and seeing stars. But since you’re not a mind reader, how can you find out what’s truly on his pleasure menu? Well, we suggest that you take a cue from the tons of real guys Cosmo talked to. After a lot of coaxing and convincing, they gave us the nitty-gritty on the pacing they prefer, the motions that make them moan, and other dirty data men rarely share.

DIRTY DETAIL 1: They Love A Rough Touch
“I really get going when a chick bites my ears while we’re fooling around. The sudden sting makes my ears throb, and that leads to throbbing in another part of my body.”

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—Erik, 28

“While my girl is going down on me, she rolls my balls around in her free hand, using a force just shy of a firm handshake. A little jostling like that makes blast-off amazing.”

—Jessie, 20

“I love when she makes a tight ring with her thumb and forefinger around the base of my shaft, then forms a second ring around the head. She’ll then slide both rings up and down in opposite directions in such a frenzy, it’s like she has motors in her palms. Hand job heaven"

--Jonathan, 18

“Right before I peak, she’ll reach down and squeeze my nipples with the same pressure that she’d squeeze a plastic ketchup bottle. Game over.”

—Karlo, 22

DIRTY DETAIL 2: They’re Suckers For A Sexy View
“When my girlfriend gives me oral attention, I always sit on the bed with my back against the headboard. She’s sprawled out on her stomach in front of me, and I have this scorching aerial view of her entire body."

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—Wilfred, 33

“Thanks to the mirror hanging on the wall opposite my shower, bathroom sex is my all-time favorite. While we’re going at it, I can glance over and check out her wet hair and soapy skin from a different angle. It’s like being in an X-rated flick while watching the action at the same time.”

—Jason, 31

“Woman-on-top gives me a close-up of my manhood moving in and out of her intimate parts. My girl leans part of the way back and spreads her legs wide, so I can see everything.”

—Dennis, 32

“I like to lift a woman’s legs over my shoulders so I view her thighs as I thrust. Plus, she says my member feels bigger in this pose.”

—Kiko, 23

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DIRTY DETAIL 3: They Crave That First-Time-Inside-You Feeling
“The absolute hottest part of sex is the moment I enter my girlfriend. To re-create it over and over, we constantly change positions so it feels like I’m inside her for the first time every time.”

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—Aaron, 28

“When my lady goes down on me, she wraps her mouth around my shaft for a minute, then lets her lips wander to my balls and thighs. After a few more detours, she’ll return to my member. It’s an incredible turn-on going from her warm mouth to the cool air and back again.”

—Sonny, 19

Surround my manhood with your breasts, take me all the way into your mouth, and then lead me to the final destination. Each type of penetration feels totally different.”

—Joel, 33

“I dated this one chick who would put just the tip of my joystick inside her for a microsecond, then let it slip out. Again and again, she’d do this move. I felt like we had sex 20 different times in one night!”

—Bert, 25

DIRTY DETAIL 4: They Want You To Tell Them Where To Go
“My girl has this low-key way of clueing me in to what she craves. Instead of saying ‘deeper’ she whispers ‘deep.’ Instead of ‘softer,’ she moans ‘soft.’ It’s like she’s letting me in on the combination to her secret lock.”

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—Joko, 33

“As much as I love going down on a girl, I’m not always sure how to please her. Which is why I’m grateful to women who guide me into the position they prefer, steering me with their hands against the back of my head.”

—Greg, 24

“No guy likes being barked at in bed, but when a woman turns her request into a command? Now that’s smokin’. While we were making out, this one chick whispered in my ear, ‘Put your fingers between my legs right now.’”

—Chris, 33

“When she wants to share a new fantasy or position, my girlfriend will drop a hint outside the bedroom. For example, one day we were at the gym. She picked up a jump rope and cracked, ‘I can think of a few creative uses for this.’ I could too, and we tried them out later.”

—Bong, 34

DIRTY DETAIL 5: They Get A Thrill Out Of Pushing The Erotic Envelope
“Once when I was on the brink, my girlfriend worked her finger around back into a place where no girl has ever dared to go before. I shuddered from one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.”

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—Lawrence, 34

She let me watch as she shaved herself totally down there. She sat at the edge of the tub, her most private place slowly coming into view. The visual will stay with me forever.”

—Randy, 22

“My miniskirt-clad date slid off her satin panties, then tied my hands behind my back with them. She proceeded to lick every inch of me: my neck, my armpits, all the way down my treasure trail. Very hot.”

—Henry, 21

“I was itching for a quickie before my girl and I were due at our friend’s party. She had a steamier idea: waiting ’til we arrived then sneaking off and doing the deed in a closet or an empty bedroom.”

—Lance, 27

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DIRTY DETAIL 6: They Go Wild When It’s Passionate And Animalistic
“When my girlfriend reaches that point of no return, she lunges for my hands and starts sucking on my fingers in a frenzy. It’s as if she needs every part of her body filled by me.”

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—Michael, 28

Pinch me, scratch me, beat your fists into my back, rake your nails along my skin. However you let loose your wild side, I love it.”

—Jordan, 32

“During a summer trip to Sagada with my girlfriend, we pounced on each other like animals, screaming and moaning in total abandon. It was exactly how sex should be: loud and very, very primal.”

—Robert, 23

“During doggie-style, she insisted I stay still while she circled her butt back and forth against me. She worked herself into such passion, she was like a top spinning out of control.”

—Kevin, 26

DIRTY DETAIL 7: They Like It Off-The-Cuff And Urgent
“I’m a major fan of AM sex, but when there’s not enough time to indulge in it, my girl will come up behind me in the shower, kiss my neck, and give me a hand job.”

—Alfred, 22

“One time I was hooking up with this chick, and after kissing for only a minute or two, she flipped up her short denim skirt, pushed her thong aside, and moaned ‘I need it now, as in right now.’ Yowza!”

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—Steve, 25

“My fiancee went shopping one day while I stayed at the apartment. A few hours later, she called on her cell and said, ‘I’m pulling up to the building. Get naked.’ I happily complied.”

—Alvin, 24

“While we were out with friends at a dark crowded bar, a woman I was seeing discreetly pressed her butt into my lap and swiveled her hips against me just enough to get some friction going. I quickly made up an excuse about how we had to leave…all so we could rush home and finish what she’d started.”

—Philip, 21
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