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Sex 101: The Case Of Your Missing Mojo columnist Bianca Valerio explains why you may be feeling unenthusiastic about sex.

February is the month of love, or shall we say, an extra dose of it, considering love is in the air 365 days a year for most. Showering our loved ones with affection is indeed crucial to keeping that so-called love alive. But, single or not, there's one thing that needs to be up and running 24/7: our libido.

Our libido, a.k.a. a person's conscious or unconscious sex drive, is to our bodies what gasoline is to cars. A healthy libido is essential not only physically but also psychologically. It's a sign of balanced hormones in our bodies. This puts us in a better mood, strengthens our immune and cardiovascular systems, and encourages weight loss from sexual activity. This strongly suggests one thing: yes, our Miss Va-jay-jays are quite happy!

Unfortunately, even when we think our libido is up and running, we unknowingly deplete it. When our libido is down, it affects our confidence, relationships, and emotional well-being.

There are several factors that cause one's libido to deplete:

1. Stress

Work-related stress, especially for women in a predominantly male environment, can cause a surge of testosterone in the female body. This results to hormonal imbalance, hence, having a negative impact on a woman's sex drive.

2. Contraceptive Pills

The pill has many side effects, one of which is loss of libido. It can range from not really looking for sex to totally refusing it like it's the most disgusting thing. Unfortunately, many women aren't aware of this and blame it on emotional issues that aren't even really there. This can cause strains in relationships and even the worst of breakups or separations.

3. Papaya or Papaine Enzymes

Many women rely on papaine or papaya extract/enzyme to whiten their skin. However, they don't realize that papaine is also a recommended supplement for those who need to control their pumped up libidos. Heavy papaine intake can cause libido loss.

4. Emotional Trauma

Most women engage in the sexual act when they feel emotionally secure. Until women suffering from emotional trauma have settled personal issues with the afflicter and themselves, it'll be very difficult to succumb to uninhibited sex, and more so, to reach orgasm.

5. Age

Ah, menopause. The continual depletion of the female hormone estrogen severely affects the female libido due to vaginal dryness.

Take a look at your lifestyle, your past, your diet, and the status of your singlehood or present relationship. Unknowingly, you could be depleting your own sexual drive, which in turn could deteriorate various other areas of your life.

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