5 Sex Positions To Make The Cowgirl Even More Pleasurable

Put that love on top.

It is said that one of the best ways to have a P-in-V orgasm is getting on top. But what if you've tried cowgirl eight billion times and still never had one? Or what if you like it up there just fine, but want to mix it up? See below, friend.

The Lusty Lunge

Can't decide between deep penetration and a more clit-focused ride? Have both! One leg's up, one's down, and you can rock your hips while toggling between both sensations. Lie flat-ish so you're resting on your forearms for up-close intimacy and plenty of smoochery.

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The Win-Win

Go ahead and raise your arms, run your hands through your hair, and jut out your chest as you pump yourselves to paradise. Make it incredibly real by plopping a generous dollop of lube on your partner’s fingers and guiding their hand between your legs. If they keep a finger pressed on either side of your clit, they won't even have to move it—each thrust will suddenly feel 200 percent more amazing. (You can also slide a flat toy with low rumbly vibes between you).

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The Slow Burn

Get on top, angling yourself so your clit is rubbing against his pubic bone because this will be where the magic happens. Don't thrust—instead, gently rock and rub against him as you please. He gets to watch you have an orgasm while patiently building up his own. When you're beyond sated, switch to something that will make him blow like a Roman candle. (See also: The Pinocchio, below).

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The Pinocchio

If you desire even deeper penetration, put a pillow under his butt and he will magically gain two inches of length, since the give of the mattress usually takes an inch or two. Rest your hands on his chest, squat over him with your knees spread and give that man the view of his life. If you want to get some cardio in, try some short, fast bounces that'll put him over the edge. This pairs well with a strong vibe or your plain ol’ fast-and-furious rubbing.

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The Hot Seat

Sit him in an arm chair, get on top, swing your legs over the arms, then lean back, resting your hands on the arms. That's it! Your work here is done. He pumps up from the bottom the angle helps him rub against your top vaginal wall in a most enchanting way. And all while he gets an ~*~amazing*~* view of you in all your glory.

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Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her onTwitter.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.


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